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Jan 12, 2012 09:06 AM

Ethnic in Cleveland

I just moved to farm country in north central Ohio from southern Florida and I am in deep need of a good ethnic food fix. I will be in Cleveland next week and was wondering if there was a good place for either Bahn Mi or if anyone knows of a good Cuban bakery where I can can get some Pastilles? Thanks all.

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  1. Hi! The Lelolai bakery is who you should call about the Pastilles, I don't know what all baked goods they do but if you call them, I bet they will make them for you. They are in a small stand in a downtown building called the Arcade - set your GPS for the Hyatt downtown and you are there, the Hyatt is on top of the arcade. They are only open during the week. They used to be in a larger space with many more baked goods, but I would call them to see if they have them or can make them for you:

    I would go to Superior Pho for bahn mi.

    Oh, and welcome, and eat heartily to get used to the cold. Let us know if we can help you with anything else in cleveland and surrounding environs. North central ohio is kind of a wasteland for food but there are gems if you want to let us know what city you're near, we can make some suggestions for good eats.

    1. I have lived in the Cleveland area my whole life and found this book by Laura Taxel, Cleveland Ethnic Eats to be a great referance. I would suggest it because I trust it.