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Jan 12, 2012 08:05 AM


Hey Hounders - Heading to Anguilla in March (viceroy) and am looking for must dine options at any and all price ranges.

Have heard nice things about Blanchards, Tastys, and Hibernia - as well as Luna Rosa, but looking at the menu online- just seems like a regular Italian restaurant that i could eat anywhere.

Any opinions would great - thanks :)

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  1. We were there last February. Didn't make it to Blanchards. We liked, in no particular order -

    Picante - this is across from the entrance to the Viceroy. On the casual side, really good food and drinks, we went twice for dinner.
    Oliver's - sort of odd (advertised sunset cocktails but weren't open, barefoot hostess) but overall good food.
    Tasty's - great meal
    Straw Hat - enjoyed it, lovely setting
    Mangos - I think I have the name right - is on the beach - really great meal

    I will flip through my pictures and find the names of the other places we visited. We ate at a small restaurant not far from the Malliouhana that was owned by an older local woman. The food was simple but excellent. I had some sort of conch curry. Sylvia's maybe?

    Overall, the food on Anguilla was excellent.

    Oh, concerning Luna Rosa, we had an enjoyable enough meal but your thoughts are accurate, it was Italian that you can get anywhere.

    We never made it to Blanchards. I talked to someone who was on island a week before we were and she did not have a good experience (this is someone I trust as a reasonable person used to dining out with normal expectations) and for the cost, we decided to skip it. I now regret that decision.

    There was another restaurant on the same stretch of beach, Jacala or something, that we could not get a reservation for the entire 10 days of our trip. I will double check the name.

    Veya was raved about but again, we couldn't get reservations.

    Check out this blog -

    The author and her husband regularly travel to Anguilla and they LOVE food. She writes in-depth about their restaurant visits.

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      I was in Anguilla twice a year for 3 years but took a year off. I have stayed at Viceroy twice. If you meet Dana from NY, send my best. She was at Chatham Bars Inn but works at V now.

      What not to miss is Barrel Stay, Sandbar, and for lunch Jacala. I love Smokey's for Saturday lunch and music. Not a fan of Tasty's and not sure Luna Rosa is open but when Silviestro left, it was not the same, IMHO. Geraud's for French pastries is a must. Picante has the best Mexican and Trattoria Tremonto on Shoal Bay West is PERFECT for lunch or dinner. Check out my blog

      I think Cleo is referring to Luci's near the former Mali? It was good, not wow. Nearby is B&D BBQ, a weekend cheap spot for fabulous BBQ.

      Thur. night nearby Anacaona has a great night of local food and culture...Mayoumba is not to miss.

      I head back March 10...

      1. re: cleobeach

        We go to Anguilla twice a year, the restaurant up from Malli is Lucy's.
        Places we never miss , Jacala$$$, on Meads Bay, not far from Viceroy, great setting, innovative French cooking, must have reservations. Straw Hat$$, near VR, very good food and service - on the beach, Mango's$$$, not far, one of my favorites, fresh fish, on the beach, Trattoria Tramento$$$ - best italian, on the beach, not far. Olivers$$$ is hit and miss, very good food, but slow, very slow, great setting. Tasty's$$ - wonderful food and service, on the road, Dale Carty is the owner and Chef, is a local - has been in business for many years and does it right, everything is fresh and good. Do not miss Sand Bar$ in Sandy Ground - wonderful tapas menu in a great setting, get there early for sunset view. Pumphouse$ has live music, great burgers and salads, (other food too) daVida$$$ on Crocus Bay is very good, unique setting and decor. Dolce Vita (italian)$$ and Barrel Stay $$$ are both in Sandy Ground and both have great food, service and setting. Trip Advisor has plenty of reviews and a very active forum on Anguilla. Happy Planning, Ellen

        1. re: EllenLV

          Thanks for the responses - ill do research on all the suggestions you three posted - though based on resonses above, Tasty's sounds like a must dine.

          EllenLV when you say must get reservations - do you suggest a couple of weeks before I go, or have concierge set it up when i arrive.

          Thanks again everyone - really looking forward to my visit

          1. re: Alex318

            We just call the day of - things change - I start out with a plan but...

            Tasty's is wonderful - cannot say enough good, here is some info

   - it says 7 days a week, but they are closed Thursdays.
            Do go to the Sunset Lounge at VR - they have a nice happy hour.

            Have a great trip, we can hardly wait to get there and never want to leave.


          2. re: EllenLV

            I'm with Ellen - she has done an excellent job describing and highlighting our favorite places on the island. Only thing I would add is that we normally go in low season, so Veya is one of our must-visit places during the week.

            1. re: EllenLV

              Jacala is real good, it's near Blanchards and Straw Hat. Blanchards is my favorite, the food is delicious. Smokey's for BBQ right on the beach , even the fried calamari is amazing

            1. Highly recommend Veya, Picante, SandBar. E's Oven, Jacala, DaVida, Lucy's and Straw Hat are also very good. Given the price point and the hype, I'm not as big of a fan on Blanchard's. Oliver's and Mango's seem to get a lot of mixed reviews.

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                KAPPHX, I have a VIP client who just returned and told me Blanchards has a new beach shack with great food. EllenLV, can you weigh in? I won't be back til maybe March.

                LOVE Picante, LOVE LOVE Sandbar, E's is great (lovely food and great staff) but they serve Grouper (non sustainable food), I do love the Ti Punch at SH. Lucy's is a fun local spot. Across the way is B&D BBQ, a weekend hotspot.

              2. Just back from 9 days - great weather and beautiful sea. As to restaurants, the following advice is offered: Veya - our favorite. Crayfish entree is terrific and the Johnny Cakes are to die for. Blanchards - past its prime. Menu hasn't changed in years but prices are higher (entrees $40-50). Still good quality but after a few visits over a few years rather boring. Blanchard's Beach Shack - fabulous addition to the island. Open lunch to early dinner with light food at great prices with excellent quality. Don't forget the brownies and frozen yogurt with mix-ins. Hibernia - we love our once a season long lunch at Hibernia. Asian-inspired with a lovely view. The Art Gallery is also fun. Coba - the fancy restaurant at Viceroy was quite big, with good service but the menu was uninspired. One in our group thought it really felt like hotel dining (not meant as a compliment) Strawhat - had a good dinner at Strawhat (grilled fish). Koal Keel - also had our once a year dinner at Koal Keel in the Valley. Best rum punch on the island, good salads, excellent mains and fancy (a bit overly so) desserts. Happy to support this Anguillan owned and operated establishment. I feel the same way about Tramonte and Luna Rosa - you can get Italian food wherever you live. B&D (or is the D&B) bbq, just up the road from the closed Malliouhana. Chicken, fish and ribs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Fun and good. In Sandy Ground there is a little bar with tapas - think the name is Sandbar. Fun and very informal. Music at Pumphouse (Sandy Ground) most nights in season and at Dune Preserve off and on. Can't wait to go back. Forgot about Jacala - quiet, refined with excellent French food.

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                1. re: 173gal

                  173gal has it nailed, although I disagree on the Italian, love TT, maybe it is the setting, or the owners, but we never miss. Sandbar is a favorite. Have heard all good about the beachshack at Blanchards, but the thought of 25 chairs lined up beachfront at Meads Bay is disconcerting. Thought Veya was good at one time, but was not pleased on last visit and have not returned - felt rushed as if they wanted to turn the table. Straw Hat is an old favorite, and we love Jacala, less than two months and WE'LL BE BACK! :-)

                  1. re: EllenLV

                    To add to TT, we LOVE to go there, pull up loungers and drink Pellegrino and icy cold pinot grigio out of sand pails filled with ice..then, to walk into the dining room and savor a great lunch..same at Jacala..outstanding..