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Chowmeet in Hongkong in March 2012

I will be in Hongkong again in March and having had mini-chowmeets with Charles Yu in the last two years, I was hoping to have a chowmeet again. Sadly, Charles will not be in HK this year in March, but as there are so many HK-Hounds I was hoping that it will be possible to set up a meeting.

I will be in HK and available for a chowmeet from 21st to 24th of March. So I hope there are others interested in a chowmeet!

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  1. Niles - if i am around count me in.

    1. Haya haya lah! Sign me up.

      1. Going to miss you guys ,big time!!! Anyways, will be eating in NYC that time!
        Have fun and do post write-ups and photos!!

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          A HK Chowmeet without Sir Charles is like the cast of Miss Saigon without the Engineer ;-)

          No chance of you changing your mind about a trip to HK, old chap?

          1. re: klyeoh

            Why is Charles not going this time?

            1. re: M_Gomez

              Charles has personal reasons for not coming to HK this year, sad as it is.

              But I hope you two would be up for the chowmeet?

              1. re: NilesCable

                Afraid I can't make it this year, NilesCable - it clashes with a long business trip I need to make to India during the same period.

                1. re: klyeoh

                  Sad to hear, but business comes first.

              2. re: M_Gomez

                @ M_Gomez . Both my parents have passed away, so no point of me to visit Hong Kong EVERY year!. In a way its good, since now, I can save up my points for another visit to S'pore in the future! May be we can have S'pore chowmeets with Fourseasons, klyeoh and yourself instead??!! For once, let you folks do all the arranging work! Ha!!!!

              3. re: klyeoh

                Wow!! Thanks for your compliment, klyeoh! I'm so honored!! Glad I'm being compared to the Engineer and NOT Miss Saigon! Ha!!!!!

            2. I'd be very interested in this, but I'll be out of HK for most of the time between 17th of March and the 8th of April.

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              1. re: f1i2s3c4h5e6r7

                Most of the time is not all of the time, so maybe we can find a date where you are there. I am hoping to have a bigger chowmeet this time, the first was with Charles and Erica and the second just with Charles, saddly I always arrived to late for one of the big chowmeets!

                1. re: NilesCable

                  On March 17th, I leave for a training in Los Angeles. I will be there until at least the 25th. Then, depending on the health of a family member, I will either fly to New Jersey or back to Hong Kong. If I fly back to Hong Kong, then I will be there until April 4th, when I leave for 5 days in Turkey. If I fly to New Jersey, then I will probably fly straight to Turkey from there; however, there is a chance that I might return to Hong Kong on April 1st before leaving for Turkey on the 4th. Generally speaking, it would be easier for me to plan something for March if it were before the 17th or if it could wait until I get back from Turkey on April 8th.

              2. I am interested. Will be in Singapore early March, but should be back by then. Also consider Macau!

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                1. re: tkamp

                  I haven't found the time in the past to go to Macau, but I definitely would be interested. But I think its better to see first who would be on for a chowmeet and talk about where to go later.

                2. Great idea but my March schedule is looking messy and not likely to be bedded down soon.

                  If I'm not away from HK at the time you meet then I'd love to join.

                  Guessing you won't be choosing Yung Kee ;-)

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                  1. re: p0lst3r

                    Should we choose Yung Kee? I am very open to all suggestions!

                    1. re: NilesCable

                      Are you still staying in the Hotel Butterfly this time?? If so, I would give Cuisine Cuisine in the MIRA a try!!!! Very good Cantonese! Kimberley Chinese restaurant just down the road, with its, to die for, whole roasted suckling piglet stuffed with fried glutinous rice is another great option. Hope you folks won't mind my chipping in ideas?!
                      I would stay away from Yung Kee if one is not a regular. Besides, the owners are having a family feud right now which I heard impacted on the quality as well as rating from Michelin!!!

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        Yes, I will be in the Hotel Butterly again. It is very nice, the prices are good and the location is also quite good.

                        I thought about giving Cuisine Cuisine a try, didn't find the time when I was staying at the MIRA some time back.

                      2. re: NilesCable

                        To be honest, I haven't been to Yung Kee in many years. There's been so much criticism of its decline that I thought we'd avoid. Rewind a few years and it would have been a good option.

                        Wondering if we should do a progression. Start with soup somewhere ... then main somewhere else ... then chinese dessert elsewhere. Too much bother?

                        1. re: p0lst3r

                          As both you and Charles say to avoid Yung Kee, we will avoid it!

                          And a progression would be OK for me also, sounds interesting and would make it possible to sample the best from different places.

                          1. re: NilesCable

                            I'm new-ish to this board but would love to meet up with you guys at the meet. Am always on the look-out for good food in HK!

                            1. re: kacang

                              I'm also new-ish to this board but would love to meet up for a great meal and exchange restaurant notes

                    2. Definitely interested as I will be visiting for the first time and arriving March 21st.


                      1. It seems like we could get a big table together after all. So, to make a decision on the date, I would like to suggest eiter the 22nd of March, a Thursday, or 23rd, Friday. So please tell who would be up for which date.

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                        1. re: NilesCable

                          I'm good for either, right between my arrival from Europe and a jaunt to Bangkok.

                          1. re: NilesCable

                            thursday is better for me, thanks.

                              1. re: greedyb

                                That makes 4 answers, still missing are:

                                1. re: NilesCable

                                  I am probably ok for both but Friday is safer as i am up in China earlier in the week, and i plan to avoid tye 7's.

                                  1. re: PhilD

                                    Oh, is it the Hongkong 7 week again?

                                      1. re: PhilD

                                        So no Rugby-Fan in you? Better for us, so you have time for the chow-meet. :)

                                        1. re: NilesCable

                                          I love Rigby, just don't like the zoo like atmosphere at the '7's so the Chowmeet is a far more preferable option...!

                                    1. re: NilesCable

                                      Sorry, has been a trial to plan out March but I now know I'll be here in HK until 28th.

                                      So either 22nd or 23rd (or both) is fine for me.

                                      Cheers, Ian

                                      1. re: NilesCable

                                        Sorry, NilesCable, I live in Singapore now and not going to HK again till later part of this year.

                                        1. re: M_Gomez

                                          Sad to hear you will not be there but it is as it is.

                                          So now from the people announcing interest only Grazor would be missing with an answer.

                                          1. re: NilesCable

                                            Hi NilesCable! Just out of curiosity, have you folks decided where you will be eating??!!

                                            1. re: Charles Yu

                                              In my point of view Hong Kong is truly an East meets West place. In that respect I have nothing against fusion food, but I am open for any kind of cuisine, as HK has plenty on offer. I am not a fan of spicy food. Also since I am not on a job interview or going out for business, I suggest we go casual.
                                              The one thing I am rather picky about is the wine we drink. If we manage to find a place with free corkage, I may bring some bottles with me.

                                              1. re: Charles Yu

                                                Not yet, but your input would be very highly welcome!

                                                1. re: NilesCable

                                                  I've been hearing good things about Cuore, an Italian private kitchen. Its however at Aberdeen which might be inconvenient for some, and requires at least 8 diners on Thursdays and 10 on Fridays.

                                                  Liu yuan pavilion (shanghai cuisine) is another possible option but I would imagine the wine list to be lacking.

                                                  1. re: kacang

                                                    Personally I would prefer a Chinese kitchen (no preference on the region), as I come from Europe.

                                  2. Hi, I would love to come, but I will be there in April---April 16th to April 24th. Any suggestions on setting up a mini or maxi chow meet at that time? Or, should I just wait until mid-March, to ask?

                                    1. So as basically everyone is available at both days why not make two chowmeets. ;)

                                      But back to serious: I would like to make the chowmeet on Friday, so now on to choose the Restaurant. My suggestions would be:
                                      Celebrity Cuisine ( Lan Kwai Fong Hotel ),
                                      Cuisine Cuisine ( MIRA Hotel)
                                      Ming Court ( Mong Kok Langham Hotel )
                                      Fung Lum in Tai Wai (Outer Territory)

                                      (and if anybody would be up for a second meet on Thursday or Saturday, I would be there for it!)

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                                      1. re: NilesCable

                                        One thing if we choose Ming Court: I got an offer through a friend that, if we choose this place, we could arrange for a special Menu or chinese food / wine pairing dinner.

                                        1. re: NilesCable

                                          Chairman would be another option, but the list above looks pretty good anyway.

                                          1. re: Uncle Yabai

                                            No feedback from the other chowmeet-attenders? Or should I just choose one?

                                            I would like to go for the arranged special menu at Ming Court.

                                            1. re: NilesCable

                                              Niles - happy to follow your lead - i may be plus one.

                                                1. re: kacang

                                                  I want to put the finishing touches for this meet, so if there are no comments by the other chowmeeters until Tuesday about the venue I will start to arrange for the menu at Ming Court!

                                                  1. re: NilesCable

                                                    I've got me plus Auntie plus two more, so that makes 4... If too many, let me know, I can disinvite two of them and although they don't post here they have attended previous Chowmeets in HK.

                                                    1. re: Uncle Yabai

                                                      I would say the more, the merrier, no problem!

                                                      Are you OK with Ming Court?

                                                      And is somebody else bringing "Extras"? Will be important to know to arrange everything.

                                                        1. re: sockster

                                                          Either on 22nd or 23rd, but I think it looks more like 23rd. Would you like to come?

                                                        2. re: NilesCable

                                                          Do keep in mind, round table at Chinese restaurants limit the group to around 14 max! Otherwise, you might have to split up the group into two smaller tables. I would also suggest a 'private room' like the few chowmeets I organized previously!

                                                          1. re: Charles Yu

                                                            Thank you for your input Charles, I will do a count of people quickly.

                                                            And the private room sure would be a plus.

                                                            Edit: This is the list I have, 10 people for sure, maybe two more:
                                                            uncle yabai (4 people)

                                                            grazor (didnt post again after announcing interest to come)
                                                            sockster ?

                                                            please post if one of you on this list is coming with "extras"

                                                            1. re: NilesCable

                                                              Forgot the last post of tkamp that he will not be in HK at that date, so 9 for sure.

                                                                1. re: sockster

                                                                  OK, so lets make it Friday 23rd of March.

                                                                  1. re: NilesCable

                                                                    Sorry, I am out then....anybody here this Friday. March 2??

                                                                2. re: NilesCable

                                                                  dammit! i'm now screwed for the 23rd. can only make 22nd (or 21st or 24th, whatever, just not 23rd).

                                                                  this is tough to organise and work for everyone.

                                                                  please proceed without me and i'll do my best to get out of the 23rd commitment and let you know.

                                                                  seriously disappointed,

                                                                  1. re: p0lst3r

                                                                    If PhilD can do it on 22nd we could make it then.

                                                                    1. re: p0lst3r

                                                                      p0lst3r, please contact me at my mail cable2 @ aon.at to keep you in the know should your situation change!

                                                                3. re: NilesCable

                                                                  Ming Court sounds like a fine choice. Never been, good opportunity to try.

                                                                  1. re: NilesCable

                                                                    Ming Court sounds like a good plan. Never been.

                                                      1. Sorry, but the latest news is that I will be in Singapore that weekend, so take me off the list.

                                                        1. Folks, we ask Chowdown planners to refer to our guidelines at http://www.chowhound.com/topics/36760..., in order to keep the focus of the boards on chow talk and not on RSVPs and other organizational details. The main guideline is that posts to the boards should be announcements (and followup reports!) only--all discussion, scheduling and RSVPing should happen off the boards. This thread didn't come to our attention until today and while we don't want you all to lose the information here, we do need you to bring the rest of the planning offline. Please post an email address or other offline contact information so people can continue to discuss this, as we'll be locking this thread soon.

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                                                          1. re: The Chowhound Team

                                                            Sorry, as this is my first time planning such a meet I didn't know and didn't read up about this rule.

                                                            My e-mail is cable2 @ aon.at

                                                            For all chowmeet attenders, please send me a mail, so that we can keep in contact and finish the planning!