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Jan 12, 2012 06:50 AM

Night out with the girls in Richmond

Looking for suggestions for a fun spot for dinner out with the girls. Not Asian or Indian but a good wine and beer selection is key. Price point -probably entrees in the 20ish range and comfy low key vibe suitable for chatting and catching up is appreciated.

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  1. Bonvenu in Carytown came immediately to mind. Comfort downtown would work also.

    1. comfort is loud. nice vibe but tough to talk i'd be afraid.
      have only been to bonvenu once. liked it, but didn't notice big tables so i might depend on the side of the group. doesn't mean they don't have them obviously. selba has hit or miss food, but when it's good, it's quite good and the vibe is perfect for that.
      will keep thinking.