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Jan 12, 2012 06:26 AM

Help me identify this Le Creuset oven please!

Hi everyone. I recently purchased a Le Creuset oven at a TJ Maxx. It is round and about 12 inches in diameter, like a 9 quart French oven. It is enameled cast iron and came with a lid just like a normal French oven but it's only about 4 inches deep.

When I purchased this piece I was in the market for a French oven and I chose this one for its large diameter and capacity. At the store I thought it seemed rather shallow but it wasn't until I returned home and tried to find it on the Le Creuset website that I realized a 9 quart French oven from Le Creuset is about 7.75 inches deep.

Does anyone know what this shorter version of a French oven might be? I like it but I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it because of how shallow it is.

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    1. re: Robin Joy

      Yes, I think you might be right! I wonder if it would be a good oven for roasts. I'm afraid it might be too shallow.

      1. re: bnyoung193

        Is anyone familiar with this particular pot? I think it's actually a 6 quart wide French oven. I'm wondering if its shallow depth prevents one from roasting whole chickens, etc.

        1. re: bnyoung193

          LeCreuset #L2552-30
          6 3/4qt. Round Wide Oven (LC also called it a risotto pot)
          Should have a 30 stamped on inside of lid.

          Pot was discontinued at the end of 2010

          1. re: RudysEquipment_Supplies

            I just bought one of these at the outlet for 40% off! I travelled for an hour just to get it. i decided on this over the larger buffet pan. I used my 40% off coupon and it was still $138, so you probably got a great deal. I think it will be really good for cut up chicken, braised short ribs, etc. It has a large surface area and enough depth for braising, and its lighter than the 5.5 qt buffet. IThis is my fifth le creuset pot. For a whole braised chicken, I usually use the 6.75 oval roaster.

          2. re: bnyoung193

            You don't need deep pot for roasting. Roasting uses dry heat, so you don't even want to cover the meat.

            For braising you might want to cover the pot, though there are those (H McGee) who argue that you can keep temperatures lower without the lid, which allows some evaporation.

            Your shallow pot won't let you cook a whole chicken covered, though there probably is room for a dismembered one. And in a pinch, you can always fashion a foil cover.

            But come to think of it, 4" isn't that shallow. The only pot that I have that is deeper than that is a 6qt pressure cooker.