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Jan 12, 2012 06:21 AM


Which restaurants have you been to recently that have had truffle specials?

Last weekend, we were at Bistro du Midi, which had both white and black truffle specials. The weekend before that, we were at Sorellina, which also had truffle specials. Those two have generally been our top places to find them, but where else should we go/try?

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  1. Troquet and Prezza had truffle specials in the late fall/holiday season. I don't think either still has them.

    1. Just be careful. Chinese Truffles have been coming onto the market, more and more. They lack the flavor and subtlety of what you desire and yet are marketed the same way. At least one French company even sells them as "product of France" since they are canned/packaged in France ...

      From a special that we saw the problem isn't that the fungi itself is different, but that they aren't allowed to ripen before they are harvested. Apparently, the chinese don't use special dogs/pigs to sniff them out when the time is correct.

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        This was reported by 60 Minutes last week.

      2. This is also not the best season for truffles. White truffle season is October through November while black truffle (inferior IMO) season sextend a little longer.