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Jan 12, 2012 01:09 AM

Looking for Red Seedless Organic Grapes

I'm having trouble locating red seedless organic grapes in the LA area. Does anyone know of a supplier that has them available? I've tried the local chains without any luck!


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  1. You will probably have trouble finding them right now as our local season is during the summer, (when the local farmers markets carry them) and the ones you see now in the grocery stores are undoubtedly Chilean. Have you checked any of the larger Whole Foods locations? I'm not sure where you are but Whole Foods has a website with a store locator feature.

    1. Don't know if they're organic but Sams Club has giant red seedless grapes. Just got some yesterday and they're super sweet. The ones at Costco were pretty sorry though IMHO.

      1. It's the tail end of the season—only one vendor at my farmers market, Boujikian Farms, has them.

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          Thanks for the suggestions... These are defiantly out of season! No one in LA has them. We need them to be organic since they are feed to a parrot who adores them. Unfortunately, all of the standard red seedless grapes seem to have been sprayed with a fungicide which can be hazardous if not washed enough. The owner won't take any chances...

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            I just bought some today from Nicholas Family Farms (out of Fresno) at the SoCo farmers market (3311 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, Saturdays 9-2). Organic.

        2. just bought some at Gelson's in Marina del Rey last weekend.