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Jan 11, 2012 11:22 PM

Pizza dough in Sydney

Hi guys,

In Canada, most pizza shops will sell you dough if you ask them nicely... We like to make our own pizza Friday nights... We tried three places here, and they looked at us like we were nuts... No luck...

We're in Manly, but would travel anywhere in Sydney to get some good dough... Any ideas?


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  1. Hi, I've never heard of a pizza restaurant that sells pizza dough.

    At the risk of being annoying have you tried making your own? I've come across several excellent recipes that work with no kneading required. It would be a case of spending 5mins to mix the ingredients together and leaving the dough for a minimum of 12 hours to proof. So make it thursday night (doesn't matter if you've had a drink or two) or first thing Friday and you're good to go.

    I've had good success with recipes from Food Wishes blog. There is even a 30min Wolfgang Puck recipe

    Good luck

    1. That's really funny - I had the exact same experience when I tried to get pizza dough at a Sydney pizza shop 10 years ago the way I always could in Connecticut. Luckily they made their own dough and I managed to convince them to sell me some, but I got some strange looks and there was much discussion about what to charge. For what it's worth, it was the pizza shop at Five Ways Paddington, which is still there in one form or another.

      That said, I agree with fergal that your best bet is to make your own. I think a lot of pizza places around Sydney use premade pizza bases or presize their bases, so they don't have dough balls ready for sale even if they are willing to sell you some. I have used this no-knead recipe from NYC's Jim Leahy and it has always come out great with not a lot of work: