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Jan 11, 2012 09:48 PM


Where can I get a great pepperdelle dish in Boston?

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  1. Do you mean pappardelle? Mama Maria w/rabbit, Taranta w/porcini, Trattoria Toscana w/wild boar, Trattoria di Monica alla Bolognese...

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      1. re: mkfisher

        +2 on Trattoria Toscana. Also, love the Pappardelle Bolognese at Highland Kitchen in Somerville.

      2. re: Taralli

        Toscana sounds great with the wild boar; unfortunately we will be in town on Sunday and Toscana is closed.

        1. re: gdiego

          Both Trattoria di Monica and Vinoteca di Monica are open on Sundays. They are both excellent, and both should have some pappardelle (or a similar long flat noodle) dish on the menu. The Vinoteca was serving it with rabbit a couple weeks back.

      3. Pappardelle e Melanzane at La Summa. It's lighter, for a pasta dish, and delicous.

        1. Toscana's version is pretty awesome.

          For a spirituallly similar but non-pappardelle alternative, I'd suggest the Fettuccine di Bruno at Coppa. It's a dish that's typically made with chestnut flour pappardelle, but for some reason at Coppa they are making it with skinnier chestnut-flour fettucini with a wild boar ragu and roasted chestnuts. Very seasonally appropriate, and exactly what you'd get (made with Pappardelle) in Tuscany this time of year.