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Jan 11, 2012 08:28 PM

Standard Diner - ABQ

Stopped in for dessert tonight. Hubby had Chocolate Mousse and Cherry Bomb and I had an Apple Passionfruit crumble. Meh~ We have never eaten here, just passed by and remembered seeing it mentioned on here.

How is the food? The menu looked good, we sat at the counter and saw several dishes leaving the kitchen pick up window. If the dessert is any indication, we won't be back. What say you?

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  1. The regular food is pretty good. The meatloaf, the fish tacos and the "country fried" tuna, are often really good, but the kitchen is inconsistent and the menu has some duds (the lobster Caesar comes to mind). Even though the menu is essentially the same, it used to be much better under the old chef who is now chef (and owner, I think) at the Greenside Cafe in Cedar Crest. He was a real master at desserts, but whoever they have now is, as you say, just "meh". Still, if you're in the neighborhood, I think it's worth a stop. Right on that block, I would put it above Artichoke in value for money, and about on par with Farina. Definitely one of those "great for Albuquerque" places discussed in another thread.

    1. Just o.k. now; used to be better.

      1. I got several good suggestions for brunch in ABQ last week but friends wanted to try the Standard since they had never been there. We live in Placitas and The Range Cafe (same owner) is a regular spot and consistent in their food. I must say brunch at the Standard was terrible and we will not go back. The food was dried out and tasted like it had been sitting for a long time, the green chile had no flavor and the hash browns and beans were tasteless as well.

        We have been long time supporters of Matt DeGregorio's restaurants, including the Standard, but this has happened several times now so we're done.

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          That goes along with my take from above. Do you mean the person who owns Standard Diner is same owner at Range Cafe? I liked Range's food years ago; nowadays it is just ok. The one in Bernalillo, at least.

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            Yes. Matt DiGregorio (and a partner) have always owned the Range Cafe in Bernalillo and a couple in ABQ. Matt opened the Standard either on his own or with other partners and has just recently opened Gregorio's somewhere near Montgomery and Wyoming (near the Range). We have always been loyal to the Bernalillo site. The food is consistent and the bar can be fun. The other Ranges in ABQ, not so much. Matt is a very close neighbor to us and we like to support our local businesses, but we've had it with the Standard. No quality, higher prices and very disappointing. Sorry, Matt.