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Jan 11, 2012 08:02 PM

Looking for Asian fish market in Denver/Boulder area


i don't live in the area but i need to know if there's a place in Denver/Boulder area where I can purchase sashimi fish for home consumption. I'm looking to buy items like ikura and uni as well for making sushi at home. thanks!

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  1. Whole Foods sells sashimi-grade fish. They typically have salmon and tuna, as well as cooked items like unagi and octopus. You can call ahead and order other sashimi fish. Pacific Ocean Seafood Market in Broomfield is a giant Asian fish market, but I'd frankly be a little leery of eating anything from there raw - it doesn't look like it's kept as carefully as one might desire, though they have enough turnover that it might not matter. (Great place to get live lobsters, though.)

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      hi monopod! how are you? i was in your area during the holidays. once again i had some nice dinners at the Kitchen and next door. we also tried Pizzeria Basta which i wasn't too crazy about. had a so so dinner at Salt. Our first dinner there was much better. a friend tells me food in the summer is much better in Boulder. we also drove thru Glenwood Springs and had a great Christmas eve dinner at the The Pullman...

      anyway, i'm sad to hear that you guys don't have an official fish market. seems like a town that would have something like that. if you could tell from my post we're looking to relocate to the area within the next two yrs. so i'm putting feelers out there for how my life is going to be like. one of the things i make at home once a week is sushi. unfortunately, sounds like i'd have to mail order my salmon roe and uni :(

    2. Fish market in Denver: Seafood Landing in the Highlands. Super nice people, great fish, independent shop Call them! (303) 571-1995 .

      1. Might want to try Pacific Mercantile downtown Denver ( It's a Japanese grocery with a small slice to order sashimi-grade fish case. Also on the south side of town in Aurora is H-mart which is a giant Korean / Pan-Asian grocery that has full service fresh fish case similar to Pacific Ocean but also a variety of packaged sashimi-grade seafood ( H-mart is great for a Korean food destination combined with shopping. In addition to Korean, Aurora is also chock full of great ethnic foods (e.g. south Indian, Ethiopean, and more).

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          tri ocean market on so federal has live lobster, crab, conch, oysters and sashimi grade tuna (frozen) plus lots of other interesting goodies like oyster mushrooms and duck and quail eggs. and for about half the price of whole foods.