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Jan 11, 2012 07:41 PM

Ad Hoc, Rome

My son is considering making a reservation at Ad Hoc restaurant in Rome for their anniversary dinner. Has anyone eaten there recently? Any comments would be appreciated.

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  1. I've heard of this place and have several friends who have eaten there (mixed reviews). It is ranked super high on trip advisor (not necessarily the sign of a great restaurant). if i had a special anniversary meal to celebrate in Rome, I would head somewhere else. A place like Antico Arco is a pretty safe bet for all age ranges and serves great food that appeals to a lot of different palates. what kind of atmosphere and budget are he and his partner looking for? with a bit more info i can make a more informed suggestion.

    1. I had never heard of it, so I went to the web site and looked. The chairs look uncomfortable and they don't use tablecloths (I hate that, for reasons especially of hygiene), but otherwise it looks like a nice place with tasty, fashionable food, probably more suitable for diners under 30 than over. Looks more date-night than anniversary level, but if Antico Arco is too expensive, it could be an idea.

      1. I have had several clients report from this place and everyone loves it. They have a multi course menu with wine pairings, are very generous, the ambiance is lovely and they are extremely friendly (am quoting all of this, i personally know only the ambiance, as i used to live close, and it does look lovely with all the wine bottles on the wall, etc). It might not be smth experts like Maureen or Katie would go to for an anniversary, but it looks like they are good at making a lot of food & wine interested people happy.

        1. could this place have escaped all of our attention? Suspect. But I will go check it out.

          For anniversary, I'm with Katie, Antico Arco lovely. I would also suggest All'Oro or Glass as alternatives.

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            Any update on this restaurant yet? Im going to Rome in early feb and considering making a reservation