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Jan 11, 2012 07:08 PM

Cobb Salad

Having worked around the corner from the Brown Derby Restaurant for over 10 years, I have enjoyed numerous Cobb Salads, where it originated. It is almost impossible to find a properly prepared Cobb, although many good restaurants advertise it on their menus.

Often the restaurant will have all the ingredients of the original Cobb salad but miss the one key process, which makes a Cobb Salad complete. That step is diced ingredients. The Cobb was served in a large salad bowl, with a mound of chopped greens, then all of the ingredients, also chopped , lined up on the greens like a rainbow. The server would then dress the salad and proceed to toss ALL ingredients, then serve the salad on individual plates. The uniqueness of the salad is each bite would contain a bite of each ingredient. It really makes a big difference in the enjoyement of the salad. I make this at home and have received nothing but raves from people who have not had it before.

My experience is that many restaurants serve their "Cobb Salad" more like a deluxe Chef's salad, with the ingredients in large pieces eaten individually.

Hope this is helpful

Jerry Ellis

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  1. That always annoys me. Here I am presented with a plate - looking great but hard to eat if you want to mix the ingredients. Last time I asked for it "chopped" thinking they'd mix it together but no - they chopped each individual bit. Very hard to eat unless, as you said, you eat each ingredient individually. Next time I'll try - "would you please mix it all up in a big bowl and then serve"?

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    1. re: Linda VH

      Bingo Linda!!...and make sure it's a med. to small dice....LOL!!

    2. I agree! I love a chopped salad. It is so much easier to eat, and I like the blend of flavors and crunch in one bite.

      1. Blame presentation and restaurants trying to separate themselves from others......also, very few restaurants offer tableside service today.

        A simple solution is to ask for the salad dressed and tossed in the kitchen.

        1. But it is still possible to get a proper Cobb salad. Try getting a Cesar salad with whole romaine leaves and a coddled egg outside of the house.

          My last Cobb salad came unmixed and served on a plate. In Milwaukee. Which has a pretty good restaurant scene.

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          1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

            Indian River is correct, From what I've learned, Cesar Cardidni served the original Cesar salad with the leaves being whole and eaten with the fingers. Also no Anchovys were used, only worcestershire sauce which is anchovy based and the use of anchovys came about later. And i never thought i would be writing on line about salads!!!!....LOL
            As far as the coddled egg is concerned, i'm finding knowledgable eateries are loosening up on the raw or semi raw egg scare, as well as cooking hamburgers rare now.....thank god.