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Paris in 2 days...wine store in the 10th and one more reservation needed, please!

Dear French hounds,
I want to thank you for all of the wonderful information I gleaned from much (daily!) lurking (and some emailing), especially DCM, Parigi and my friend Jo who I relied on (along with other sites) to come up with our itinerary: Reservations set for Le Verre Vole, Vivant, Chez Casimir, Le Galopin, Au Passage and Chez L'Ami Jean (lunch). Need one more dinner and still torn...Septime, Le Philou, Sauterne, Rino...what would YOU choose? Any other suggestions to round out what I have so far? Also have Pleine Mer (oysters for my first lunch!), Cafe des Musees, Dans Les Landes and Frenchie Wine Bar up for (one course or small plates) lunch as well. All input welcome!

In between all that eating there will be drinking! I know that I saw some posts about wine shops near where I'll be staying (Chateau Landon metro), but I can't recall. Any help will be most appreciated.

Thanks again. I will be sure to report back!

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  1. Great list - simply takea pin and choose one of the four for that final meal. The rest look fine - you will have fun, it is a good eclectic list.

    1. All good picks.

      Do you mean Saturne?
      If so…

      "Septime, Le Philou, Saturne, Rino"

      My order of preference would be:
      - Saturne / Septime
      - Rino
      - Philou.

      Pleine Mer. You realize it does not serve hot food, right? It serves mainly oysters and smoked salmon.

      Wine shop. Very near Pleine Mer is a very good wine shop run directly by a vintner specializing in Touraine wines: De Vigne En Ville. Be sure to verify its odd opening hours. The gentleman vintner runs the store on a half-week basis. The rest of the time, he is running his v!neyards.

      "Also have Pleine Mer (oysters for my first lunch!), Cafe des Musees, Dans Les Landes and Frenchie Wine Bar up for (one course or small plates) lunch as well."

      Are you considering going to those places for lunch and going to dinner in the restaurants where you have reserved or are thinking of reserving?
      1. Frenchie wine bar is not open for lunch.
      2. Café des Musée is a real restaurant, which means real meals. Two meals a day is a lot. For maximum enjoyment, I would stick to one major meal per day.
      3. Dans Les Landes could possible constitute a smallish meal, since it serves small dishes of tapas. (But I always end up ordering enough tapas for a real meal because they are so good.)
      4. Lastly, personally I would lunch instead of dine at Vivant. The 'hood atmosphere is notso hotso in the evening. I don't know why. The last time we had dinner there, walking home afterwards we were a very small minority of pedestrians on rue des Petites Ecuries who were not peeing by the road! What's that about? In short, besides us, there was one other person who was NOT peeing. In fact there was a degree of social pressure on us to pee as well.
      5. But a Vivant dinner would be perfect if afterwards you are catching a good concert at the legendary jazz club New Morning down the block. Maybe you too will drink a lot of beer there and step out to pee instead of waiting for the handful of toilet stalls in the club...

      1. Near Chateau Landon Metro, on the rue du Faubourg St Martin is Caves St Martin. It used to be very good, but I haven't been there in a while.

        Not far away, on rue du Faubourg St Denis on the other side of the Gare de l'est is Caves Danou, for me the best wine shop in the area. Parigi's right. Les Vignes en Ville is very good too, but their selection is limited to wines from the Loire and a few guest wines. Their opening hours are a little challenging also.

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          Which reminds me, the wine selection at Julhès, also on rue Faubourg St Denis, is not shabby at all.

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            I think the writer meant Caves Bardou (not Danou). It's at 124 Rue du Faubourg St.-Denis.
            If you're close to the canal, on the other side (east) on funky Rue Sainte-Marthe there's
            a shop called Le Contre Etiquette at No. 31. This is the best shop in the 10th. On the
            other side of Blvd. Magenta check out the St. Quentin covered market. There's a
            nice little wine shop/epicerie within, also a bunch of other interesting shops.

          2. Thanks for the replies and the info.
            Yes I meant Saturne not Sauterne (s) - must have had wine on my mind :) Speaking if wine, we love to shop for it so I'll be sure to check out all the recs.
            I think we're going to shoot for Septime, followed by Saturne.
            Will take copious notes!

            1. Crus and Decouvertes on Rue Paul Bert in the 11th, one metro change and superb spot for unusual wines. Saturne gets most of their wines there.

              1. After attempting a walk-in to Frenchie, the greeting staff was cordial and politely told us that they're full (we expected a high probability of being turned away, anyway) and pointed us across the stree to the Wine Bar.

                Unfortunately, even with the nice wait staff that efficiently took care of our drinks and small plates needs, I was not that impressed with the offerings that night with mostly cold "tapas" dishes that didn't hit the spot for me. Most of the small plates were based on sliced cured meats (speck, Spanish Jamon) and Italian cheeses (burrata, etc.). I was looking for something more hot/warm, straight from kitchen stove type of meal that night and not bar foods. However, it looks like they change their offerings on a frequent basis, so, things may be different.

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                  The "kitchen" at Frenchie's wine bar is quite limited, so most of their preparations are not hot. If I recall correctly, there's only a toaster-type oven behind the bar.

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                    Odd FWB really impressed me with the quality of the meats and the presentation - the mortadella with mache and truffles was amazing (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/824618 - unfortunately mostly devoured before I took a photo). Yes, it is mainly cold food designed for sharing but equally this is what i like in wine bars.

                    I doubt they change the menu far from thhis style of food though, my guess is Greg aims to differentiate between the two places with cooked meals in the restaurant and plates of cold meats or salads to snack on in th bar.

                    I wonder if "not impressed by the offering" was more to do with you wanting a hot meal and not getting one rather than the quality of the food that was delivered?

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                      "I wonder if "not impressed by the offering" was more to do with you wanting a hot meal and not getting one rather than the quality of the food that was delivered?"

                      Probably. I wanted a hot meal and wife didn't want to walk around anymore to see where we can land a table at 9 pm, after flying in from Italy. Just to add, the wait staff person in charge at FWB whispered to me, even though I think I'm fully aware, that "FWB is for those who can't get into the restaurant but can say that they've done Frenchie. However, food is completely different." Whatever he meant by that?

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                        So do you think "not impressed" is the correct term rather than the food not meeting your requirments. The former indicates the food isn't good rather than the latter which is more about your choice of restaurant...?