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My confession: I drink instant coffee!

Like my title states, my confession is that I drink (and thoroughly enjoy) instant coffee. For the last 6 years, my mornings have been jump-started with Nescafe Instant Coffee stirred into hot milk. I will say that other than this morning ritual, I would call myself a coffee snob, so I'm a little embarrassed to admit this. Am I the only one that enjoys instant coffee?

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  1. I keep instant around in case of an emergency, like if I run out of coffee a day before grocery shopping. I have never been able to make it taste very good, frankly. I might try stirring it into a cup of hot milk sometime as you do.

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    1. re: sueatmo

      I used to think that everybody drank instant coffee this way! It seems to be pretty popular among my Lebanese family and friends.

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        I did this last night. Hot skim milk, a little vanilla flavored no sugar syrup, a spoon of Maxwell House instant coffee crystals. Very good on a cold evening. But skim milk has a few too many carbs, so it was a treat.

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          Your addition vanilla sounds delicious! I have some no sugar hazelnut syrup that I could use in mine!

      2. I like Velveeta, and Cool Whip. I don't mind instant mashed potatoes. And I have a fondness for canned black olives. But instant coffee tastes terrible to me. We all have to draw the line somewhere.

        1. One of my co-workers used to bring me instant coffee from an asian market in L.A. I don't remember what it's called as I recall the label being in Japanese, but man that stuff was delicious. Tasted delicious, smooth, and chocolatey.

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            Was it Nescafe 3 in 1? I've seen it in Asian markets. I think they combine the coffee, powdered milk and sugar and it does taste good!

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              That definitely may have been it; this reminds me to check for it next time I'm at the Asian market.

              Now if only I could get my beloved Boss Coffee here, but it doesn't seem to be an option. I guess my confession is that I happily drink canned coffee out of vending machines, if given to ability to do so.

          2. I used to eat instant coffee (Sanka) in college for the all-nighters.

            Just straight up with a soup spoon. And chased with some Diet Mountain Dew.

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              I'm genuinely perplexed as to why, if a person wanted to stay up all night, one would eat decaf coffee.

              The Mountain Dew part I get.

              1. re: acgold7

                Decaf =/= No caffeine

                And, really, the Sanka is more for the mental sensation of coffee, and because it is decaffeinated, it's why you chase it with a Mountain Dew bomb.

              2. re: ipsedixit

                Wow, just got a flashback of Pop Rocks from reading this.

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                  Sanka powder chased with Diet Mountain Dew?
                  Sounds like a real gut bomb to ruin your digestion.

                2. I use it for brownies, chocolate cake, and some roast beef - does that count?

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                  1. re: brooklynkoshereater

                    Roast beef? I'm intrigued. Please tell us a little more.

                  2. Do I like instant coffee? No, but if you do you should drink it and enjoy it with no apologies.

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                    1. re: weezieduzzit

                      mmm... which I am doing at this very moment!

                    2. Apparently there is a big enough market for INSTANT coffee because Starbucks went so far as to create Starbucks VIA.

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                      1. "Am I the only one that enjoys instant coffee?"

                        Nope. We never drink anything else at home. Currently Douwe Egberts but usually Nescafe Blend 37.

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                        1. re: Harters

                          Usually Kenco or Carte Noir for me. Just cant be bothered with the palavar of other methods.

                        2. I drink it too sometimes. Makes a quick iced coffee. I find it tastes fine. I like regular brewed coffee as well, but have no problem with a cup of instant.

                          1. I drink it every morning. The harsh bitterness cuts through a greasy breakfast quite nicely.

                            1. More war stories. In Vietnam, we often had little or no water. I often ate c-rat instant coffee directly from the packet or sprinkled over my stewed apricots. When we had to fill our canteens w/ water from unclean sources , we'd have to put in halizone tablets to kill little creepies in the water. The halizone tablets made the water tase so foul, that I'd dump 3 or 4 packets of instant coffee into it just to kill the halizone taste. Needless to say, I am no longer a big fan of instant coffee. But when on offer, a lot of milk and sugar help. I drink real coffe black.

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                                Reason #3829 we should honour our troops!

                                1. re: maabso

                                  Hey, 'Nam had it's benefits. After eating some much junk from little cans for so long, it turned me into a Cghowhound at 20, during my recuperation in Queens, NYC. I don't complain about much and I find teaching a positive gift from God.

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                                    Even so, it's a brave thing to have done. Keep the stories coming :)

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                                      Above and beyond was smoking c rat cigarettes after eating chopped ham and egg. Still have my P 38, now on my key ring.

                                      Considered a dangerous weapon and will be confiscated at the airport.

                                      1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                                        I still have my P 38 too. I've never smoked. I'd save the little 4-packs and trade them for beers when we got deliveries to our hill top.
                                        Instant coffee heated w/ gas siphoned from a Huey was a treat and safer than using C-4.

                              2. I prefer regular coffee. But, I drink instant coffee also on most days. Hot water, a little milk or chocolate milk added. Besides, I live in South America, so I need to have instant around as most people here prefer it.

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                                1. re: Wawsanham

                                  I lived in Bolivia. All the good beans were exported. All the cafes served Nescafe, not bad w/ milk.

                                2. nescafe instant coffee is better than the 'regular brewed' stuff that we have here at my office, so I've taken to drinking that for my second or third cup of the day. I bring in milk from home (can't do the powdered creamer) and I think it tastes just fine

                                  (I will try heating up the milk and putting the coffee right into it now though, sounds tasty)

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                                  1. re: cgarner

                                    How did your milk/coffee turn out?

                                    1. re: maabso

                                      I have k-cup machine but when I need to take a thermos of coffee with me somewhere I make instant. It seems better after being in the thermos for a little while than it does fresh.

                                  2. If you guys can find instant coffee by a company called Elite, try it. It's really good. sometimes i prefer this over my regular drip coffee. So nutty, smooth and flavorful and not too strong.
                                    I believe it's kosher and made in Israel.

                                    1. I used to only drink instant Nescafe Classico. I'm the only coffee drinker in my house and I only have 1 cup a day. Now I have a Keurig.

                                      1. Instant coffee. I use it in my Swedish meatballs.

                                        Sanka. Sometimes, if I'm out late and if I'm feeling particularly curmugeonly I'll order "Sanka" when I'm out ... then do that "who blinks first" thing if I manage to get a blank look from the waitress.

                                        1. I like instant coffee especially with milk and sugar. It is remeniscent of things that are "coffee flavored" like mocha ice cream, tiramisu, etc.

                                          I don't think we have to be a food snob about everything. If it tastes good then enjoy it. It's like bashing Tex-Mex food as not being real Mexican food. No, it's not. It's Tex-Mex and a deep fried chimichanga with a Coke is awesome in its own context as is a carne asada with masa harina tortillas and a horchata.

                                          Instant coffee mixed into a simple syrup makes for a good coffee syrup to be used in a New England style cold coffee milk.

                                          I'll take instant coffee over an overroasted Starbuck's French roast anyday.

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                                          1. re: pickygourmet2000

                                            Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm starting to 'own' my culinary preferences more and more especially since making this confession, so re-reading my initial post is kinda funny!

                                          2. I buy some kind of instant cappucino (I know Hills Bros. makes one) I think it is Caffe de Vita or something like that. They even make it sugar free! I like it for a change now and then.

                                            And I have a recipe for roast beef that uses coffee too, and I will use instant for that.

                                            1. No need for a "confession". I'm sure many many people here drink instant coffee - either regularly or for emergency situations. As far as I know, no one has died yet - lol!!!!

                                              I myself always have a jar of Folgers Crystals in the pantry. When the power is out & I'm cooking on the camp stove, nothing tastes better than a mug of that. Seriously. Not fresh-brewed, of course, but not a bad cup of coffee either. I've had worst tasting fresh-brewed.

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                                              1. re: Bacardi1

                                                I have, too, every time I go into Starbucks.

                                                1. re: Bacardi1

                                                  Totally agree, and LOL at the 'no one has died yet' comment!

                                                  1. re: maabso

                                                    Lol! Well, I've known folks who frankly would rather eat worms & die than drink a cup of instant coffee. I wonder if there's a psychiatric term for that affliction?

                                                2. I bought some Nescafe to use in a Greek Nescafe shake.

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                                                  1. re: calliope_nh

                                                    Yum that sounds good! Please share! Is that a Nescafe Frappe?

                                                  2. I have fond memories of the taste of triple-strength Folger's Instant Crystals coffee in the morning while camping out in a far-flung location, but I son't think I'd try it unless I was at the aforementioned far-flung location. It was years before Starbucks et al raised the bar. I'm too spoiled by now.

                                                    1. I use it to make coffee ice cream. Works quite well. But I've never actually drank it.

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                                                      1. re: von_levi

                                                        I use it to make coffee flavored yogurt, the commercial flavored yogurts just don't compare. I always have Medalgia D'oro on hand. That and added to brownies, chili and who knows what else....never drank it as a beverage though.

                                                      2. A lot of local (to me) chowhounds like the frappes served at the Greek cafes near my house, and those are made with Nescafe. I finally tried one and to me they do have that instant coffee taste that I don't like. But many do enjoy them :)

                                                        1. That was all most places served in Egypt. They would froth the milk so you'd think they served a yummy cappuccino but it would be Nescafé. I never got used to it, and I used to buy ground coffee in the supermarket and make my own. But like you, people there seemed to like it, though there weren't a lot of options.

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                                                          1. re: roxlet

                                                            In Lebanon,if you want coffee you generally ask for either the traditional Turkish style coffee, or Nescafe. When I was there, American-style coffee makers weren't really the norm in every household, but the younger generations generally made an instant coffee drink (which they just call 'Nescafe' like a lot of people call tissue paper 'Kleenex') with powdered milk and sugar.

                                                            That is pretty funny that they would try to pass it off as a cappucino, but are you sure they just weren't serving it as their interpretation of non-traditional coffee? How did you used to make your coffee while you were there?

                                                            1. re: maabso

                                                              I brought a Melita cone and filters with me from the US, and I could usually find Maxwell House and Folger's in the upscale market, and I would make it cup by cup. In Egypt they also have the Turkish style coffee, but really, the main beverage was tea.

                                                              The weren't passing it off as cappuccino, I just thought initially that was what they were serving. I soon learned better!

                                                              1. re: roxlet

                                                                That is too funny! The whole cappuccino story just reminded me of something my mother would do!

                                                          2. Another instant coffee drinker here! But I fully understand...people look at me as if I have two heads when I tell them that I drink and actually like instant coffee. So I don't come out of the closet unless I have to ;-) My brand of choice is Maxwell House.

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                                                            1. re: 60s Girl

                                                              I'm starting to think that my taste for instant coffee (especially Nescafe) is rooted in my summers spent in Lebanon as a child and young adult. It was the norm to drink this and I think I may associate those easy-going and carefree days with that flavour. Funny how flavours have such a connection to memories and emotion like others have noted in this post!

                                                            2. Yep, I keep a jar of it around for those "OMG, that's what I forgot to do" mornings, and i tell ya what: it's not gourmet, but it does the job.

                                                              1. I too enjoy instant coffee.

                                                                I grew up in an Italian American househole where we always had a fresh pot of coffee brewing - I started drinking coffee (espresso) after meals very, very young... and daily morning coffee began for me in sixth grade.
                                                                I would never have believed that I would grow to enjoy drinking instant.

                                                                I am kind of weird because I drink my coffee several different ways, depending on what kind of mood I am in - black with allot of sugar, with milk and 2 sugars, or with half and half and no sugar, however, my go to morning coffee was with half and half ..I decided this was a bit too unhealthy, so I started drinking coffee with powdered Coffee Mate instead. (not that Coffee Mate is healthy but let's not argue the details)...it didnt work because real coffee is too lush for Coffee Mate, so I switched to instant.
                                                                And for the Mon-Fri morning ritual - I really enjoy it.

                                                                For after meals, though - never!
                                                                A real meal deserves real coffee!