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Jan 11, 2012 04:48 PM

Not restaurant crabcakes

Has anyone read James Michener's "Chesapeake?" Back in the "day" crabcakes were made with a filler of cornmeal of maize (fresh corn). don't know if there were any seasonings, i.e., Old Bay or even egg or mayo filler. I haven't read the book and the "recipe" in many years. But, the crabcake that originated back then is a far cry from all of the fuss and muss of what constitutes the best crabcake that now exists in this region.

Hey, it's oyster season. Let's change the subject, if you please, and provide the opinions as to the best fried, broiled oysters. I don't want to hear about the raw versions. Love them, but won't eat them raw anymore--just like I don't eat steak tartare anymore.

I vote Pappas in Glen Burnie as having the BEST fried oysters. Am awaitng the feedback. thanks to all. FoiGras

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  1. My cousin always asks if the fried oysters have been frozen after they were padded. I notice some restaurants have taken to lightly dusting the oysters with cornmeal so that they can be fried immediately without freezing. It is quite common for padded oysters to be frozen nowadays in order to have a supply on hand.

    I should have asked at the Peppermill the other night but did not. The oysters there seemed a little watery and I suspected they had been frozen after paddinf.

    1. I haven't been, but the Pearl dive in DC is getting very good oyster reviews.