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Jan 11, 2012 04:24 PM

Most Memorable Cape Cod Meal of 2011 and Your 2012 Dining Plan?

What was your most memorable Cape Cod meal without thinking too much? I have to say 28 Atlantic strikes me as my best meal dining with Jillian, fireside. Our waiter was great, the wine, the food and spending a girls night with my friend of 25+ years.

My 2012 Cape Cod Dining Plan includes plans to try Bucca's, to find my way to Victor's in P Town and to find my TRUE dining soul mate (DSM).

Happy Belated New Year in Dining and Delights

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  1. I'm probably going to be kicked off this board for admitting this, but I couldn't think of any memorable dining out experiences last year (excluding our trip to Montreal and Quebec City), so I dug out my calendar. 2011 seems to have been the year of dining in. Sure, we had a few dinners at Albertos and took the kids to Not Your Average Joe's (which actually isn't bad), but mostly we invited friends over and experimented with our wood-burning pizza oven. If we wanted a break from pizza, it was usually risotto or roast chicken.

    That makes my 2012 goal pretty simple: get out there and explore! Hey, it's only January 12th, and I've already tried one new restaurant.

    1. I have to agree that 28 Atlantic was my most memorable meal. I took my wife and her sister for her 50th birthday. The food was sublime. I had the Petite Clambake with the butter poached lobster. The wine, the room and view, and the outstanding service is truly unique for the Cape.

      Unfortunately, I also agree with Lisa that most Cape Cod meals fall far short in the memorable category. As I've been spending a lot of time in the city and having the opportunity to try many of their fine restaurants, I've become even more jaded about the Cape dining scene. Far too many places here put out mediocre or even lousy food at often crazy prices. The reality now is if a place puts out relatively decent food at a relatively decent price, it's considered a Cape Cod "best". I don't know why it must be this way, but it is.

      I hope to try Abba ,Blue Moon Bistro, Nauset Beach Club, and Lyric this year.

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        CCG, I was out in Dennis at Harvest Wine Bar last night and heard from a frequent customer there that Blue Moon is closing. The building is for sale. I used to go to NBC but found the staff snotty. Lyric is nice but nothing WOW...Abba, gotta get back there. I am seeking the wow factor big time. I think the consistent factors I seek are a skilled wait staff, a quiet ambiance and sublime food.

        Lisa, do tell about your wood burning pizza oven. My cousin just built one for the Town of Holden and the pizza is to die for...Are you running open pizza nights at your house? Will bring wine.. :)

        1. re: phelana

          Ours is a small, free-standing oven from Forno Bravo. We didn't have the patio space (or the budget) for a huge outdoor kitchen or built-in number. One pizza at a time, but they cook very quickly, so you can turn out several in no time at all.

          Theoretically, the oven could be used year-round, but this being New England, ours is in service primarily from spring through fall.

          We would love to host some fellow CH posters--sometime after April because we will be in Italy (!) for most of the month. Maybe we should swing through Naples after the Amalfi Coast for some tips while we are there.

          1. re: lisaonthecape

            Lisa, do you need a pet sitter for the oven...LOL ..have an amazing time..

            1. re: lisaonthecape

              My DH is an avid wood griller (winter, summer, rain or no) who would love that pizza oven. Which model did you get?

        2. PB Boulangerie

          No thinking required

          Best French food in southern New Englend (Cafe Shelburne in VT is the best in northern New England)

          1. We had some good food on the Cape this summer: Two great dinners at Blackfish in Truro (love the panko-crusted sole, with cauliflower mash!); excellent brunch at the Wicked Oyster (awesome brioche French Toast, real maple syrup, fresh squeezed OJ, great coffee).

            The pastries at PB Boulangerie are state-of-the-art, though our dinner there still left room for improvement.

            I haven't been to 28 Atlantic, or Pisces in Chatham, and they're on my list for 2012.

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            1. re: winedude

              Word is PB Boulangerie lost their pastry chef this summer. Any recent reports?

              1. re: CapeCodGuy

                We were there several times during the summer, last time over Labor Day weekend, after the stories of the departure of their pastry chef. The croissants and related goodies were still absolutely delicious, though we noticed a slight uptick in variability between batches.

                1. re: winedude

                  Sat. Jillian, her girls and I headed to PB for hot chocolate and ..but alas, it was closed...ended up at Chocolate Sparrow, not a substitute by any means but we all wanted hot chocolate

              2. re: winedude

                I have to second Blackfish in N. Truro as being one of the best meals I've on the Cape. Not a lot of people know of it and they don't have a website. I'm planning to try Victor's in P-Town this year. There's also a cool pop-up restaurant at Adrian's in Truro that my foodie friends were raving about last year but they seemed unsure if it would be back for 2012. Abba is very good, great reviews and interesting, creative food. The sushi at Saki in Ptown was pretty damn good and not overpriced. Cool room that used to be a church. Worth it for your sushi fix if you're near Ptown!

              3. Best? Abba, Orleans. Biggest disappointment? Fanizzi P-town. Pleasant surprise? Roast chicken at Mahoney's, Orleans. Let down? The Beacon Room also Orleans. Best Breakfast - Fairway/Hole in One, Eastham. "Old friends" still fine- Winslow Tavern and Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet.

                Plan for 2012. Return to Blackfish and trying The Mews.

                Plan for 2012

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                1. re: thos

                  Blackfish is great..sadly my last date with my former DSM was there so doubt I can go will love it..the tuna bolognese was amazing...Why was Beacon Room such a a disappointment??

                  1. re: thos

                    Funny how two different people can have such opposite experiences, although I've never been to Abba or Hole in One. I've enjoyed Fanizzi's on several occassions. Hated mahoneys. Terrific meal in the beacon Room (although much prefer the lounge seating)

                    Love the Mews!

                    1. re: CapeCodGuy

                      In many visits to Abba, we have always enjoyed it very much, some years the best dinner on the Cape was at Abba. Mahoneys can be noisy, but some menu items like sashimi seared tuna and steaming Atlantic bowl (seafood stew) are quite decent. Salads are too large, and skip dessert, go to the Chocolate Sparrow instead. No members of our party enjoyed Beacon Room, the elderly couple declared it stodgy and overpriced.