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Jan 11, 2012 02:50 PM

Good non-chain places to eat with groups in Addison, TX

Going to Addison, TX for a photo shoot with crew and talent etc- Need a couple good places to eat with groups of 6-12 during our stay. Not too expensive, but good quality food. Coming from San Francisco, so we are hard to impress but looking for good local spots serving some good Texas food. (Not going to be eating sushi.) Please help!

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  1. "Coming from San Francisco, so we are hard to impress..."

    ^ Give me a break....

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    1. re: ChefJM

      Wow it was a joke- making fun of ourselves...sorry. we honestly just want some help finding some good food in Addison- I'm sure there's lots of it!

        1. re: Veggo

          thanks for the rec- we don't need or want fancy...just relaxed and yummy.

          1. re: opr415

            Nate's Steak and Seafood is about as "fancy" as the distance to the moon. I don't know anyplace more relaxed or as yummy as Nates. And, the last time I was in San Francisco, I didn't see any Cajun restaurants. So, you can eat something you can't get at home.

            Also, Kenny's Wood Fired Grill would be a good choice on Beltline just west of the Dallas North Tollway.

            And also, think about Houston's on Beltline just east of the North Dallas Tollway. Yes, it's a chain but you'd never believe it! FABULOUS food in an extremely comfortable, relaxed casual and warm setting with excellent service, full bar and a delicious, eclectic menu.
            Great burgers and fries, house (hot) smoked salmon, crabcakes made without filler, raw Ahi tuna salad, ribs and some of the best prime rib you'll ever eat. Plus, so much more. Operated by Hillstone.

      1. How far from addison can you venture and what types of food do you enjoy? You have many choices.

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        1. re: ssh

          open to all types. Will probably stay pretty local, but if there's somewhere in north Dallas we could do that...

          1. re: opr415

   On Beltline in Addison

   12 minutes up Tollway

   5 Minutes south on Preston

   15 minutes south just off Tollway

   7 minutes south on Preston

   10 minutes south on Inwood

   On Beltiline

   On Beltline in Addison

        2. There are a lot of choices in Addison. Here are a couple: Lefty's lobster house, inexpensive lobster dinners, less than $20 per plate but good. Remington's seafood restaurant, inexpensive seafood, $15 to $25 per plate, really good. Chamberlain's Steak and Chop house, $20 to $45 per plate. Laury's the prime rib, $20 to $40 per plate. Really nice old English style dining room, good stuff.
          There are tons more in Addison but you probably won't be impressed.

          1. If by "good Texas food" you mean steak, then I think Chamberlains is a good bet in that area for steak as other posters have already mentioned.

            Rafain's (just north on the tollway) for a brazilian steakhouse (


            Truluck's is also good for steak and stone crab (www.trulucks) - it is a small-chain but I believe they aren't in SF. They usually have a piano player and while the prices might be a bit higher, it's not stuffy at all.

            Soho for live nightly jazz and a great tapas menu...very lively - a group your size could get a table in the "solarium"

            But my top recommendation would have to be Buttons - classic southern comfort food - generous portions - casual and fun vibe...various entertainment on certain nights (

            1. Here's a new place you might want to try that very recently opened in Addison and getting some very good reviews according to D Magazine's "SideDish" blog.
              They're in Addison Walk at 5000 Beltline in Addison.
              I have not personally tried it yet. Check it out on Yelp and other similar blogs: Lazaranda Mexican Seafood Grill

              Btw, The group that owns Lazaranda owns 5 other restaurants. All of them in Monterrey, Mexico.

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              1. re: twinwillow

                thanks- yeah would love to eat some good authentic Mexican food. I've read Tipico's is the spot to go...?

                1. re: opr415

                  Tipico's is good, but I'm not sure if a really divey Mexican place is what you're looking for based on your group (it is very much no-frills, no atmosphere).

                  Despite living < 5 minutes away, I typically don't eat around Addison because there are a ton of chains in the area. Out of the suggestions so far, I like Meso Maya, Lazaranda, and Laury's. You might like Buttons for the atmophere. I'd also add Canary.

                  Don't forget about Downtown Carrollton which isn't too far away from you. Specifically suggest Agave Azul (awesome margaritas too) and Babe's (just enjoy taking out of towners here).

                  1. re: air

                    Was just going to mention Canary Cafe.

                    At Kenny's, I like the steak sandwich (I sub smoked gouda) and adult mac and cheese.

                    At Houston's, the crab cakes are indeed fantastic. It's the kind of place where the better dressed you are, the better the table you get ... so if you like a direct view of the kitchen, you know what to wear ;)

                    Has anyone been to the Addison location of Manny's?

                    1. re: air

                      Good call on Agave Azul and Babes...

                      Small chain...Blue Meza Grill and Flying Fish
                      Bad food but lots of beer....Duke's
                      Thai...Coconut Thai in Carrollton
                      Caribbean Cafe also right around the corner. Its a real small spot but food is usally spot on.

                    2. re: opr415

                      I'm a fan of Blue Goose, good Mexican food and a really great atmosphere.