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Anybody ever try making "caviar" that tastes like caviar?

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So there's this trend in molecular gastronomy to create "caviar" out of fruit juices, vinnegar, and other liquids. It occurs to me that by using fish sauce, and maybe soy, you could create something that actually tastes like caviar.

Is this a workable idea?

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  1. Seems like a long way around the world -- if you want caviar tasting caviar, just buy the real deal at whatever level you can afford.

    1. We always go for the "closeout" salmon eggs at the sporting goods dept. at WM at the end of summer.

      1. If that was an effective way to replicate the flavor profile of caviar, then sure. I'm guessing it's a tad more complicated. Go for it.

        1. Try squid ink.