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Jan 11, 2012 01:22 PM

818 Shao Kao Now Also Called Yi's Kitchen (Don't Worry--You Can Still Get Skewered)

There's old and new signage up at 818 Shao Kao in San Gabriel. The 818 sign is still up, but the J N Kitchen signage (the name of the restaurant that 818 Shao Kao replaced when it opened up in 2008) now says Yi's Kitchen. I'm not sure whether there's any change in operation, or whether the new signage was meant to clear up the confusion over the restaurant name. (There are reviews out there which refer to Shao Kao as J N Kitchen.) In any event, the old menu is still in use and the lamb skewers are still there.

In other scorekeeping changes, over at Builders Square on Garvey in Rosemead, Saigon Sandwiches has opened up in the space last occupied by Kim Bao Noodles, and inside the food court, Y.bobs, a Korean vegetarian operation, has taken over the old East Dumpling King spot that had been vacant for quite a while.

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  1. Hopefully one can still get a spicy tofu brain.

    1. Jesus I never knew this place served lamb skewers and I drive past them all the time!

      You think you know all about Valley Blvd and you learn something new all the time.