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Jan 11, 2012 01:18 PM

Need a venue for a birthday dinner ... 30-40 guests, adults and kids, private room preferred

Hey, all. I could use some pointers for a venue for a 40th birthday dinner. My budget is up to $1000, and I was originally thinking that we'd have 20 adults and do something like a tapas buffet at Solera. However, it now looks like I'll have to plan for 30-40 people, a mixture of adults and young kids, so I need something a little more downscale and youth-friendly.

The dinner would be on a Sunday night. Anywhere in the metro area is fine. Budget stays at $1000. A private room would be best. Type of cuisine doesn't matter (except for one -- the birthday girl does not like Indian food), but I'd prefer a buffet of some kind in a private room, possibly with a cash bar or BYO. Any suggestions?

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  1. Never tried it myself for a group, but maybe Salut?

    Downtowner Woodfire grill

    And maybe check out Kevin's recs in this thread:


    1. Ray js in Woodbury has a great space that hold 50-60

      1. We had a wonderfully successful family reunion at the Winzer Stube in Hudson:

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          Thanks for the tips! I'll call around.

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            Updating to say that I decided to go with Axel's Bonfire on Grand (in St. Paul). It's a combination of central location, affordable price, and a flexible menu that works well for both adults and kids. I wish that they had more (or any, really) vegetarian options on their large party menu, but the buffet-style brisket, chicken, salad, etc. should work for this group.

            I'll report back on how it was.