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Looking for Dinner South of Downtown Sarasota

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Will be staying with family about 20 minutes south of downtown off Vamo Road and looking for somewhere interesting for dinner in the neighborhood. Any suggestions? Bonus question: anywhere around there I can get a decent espresso (that means not Starbucks).

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  1. Not exactly sure where Vamo Road is, but the area off Clark Road called Gulfgate is south of downtown, and has a couple of good spots...
    Vizen is the BEST sushi in the area. And for your espresso there is Dolce Vita. A tiny place owned by a husband and wife straight from Italy.

    1. http://www.puccinisrestaurant.net/
      Very small, very good, bring your own wine, a reservation is a must.

      Also very good. Both quite close to where you will be staying.