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Jan 11, 2012 11:30 AM

Review: Cafe Schober, Zeughauskeller, Haus Hiltl | Zurich

Unfortunately, there weren't many reviews on Zurich eateries before we went so we asked expats where to go and were happy with their suggestions.

CAFE SCHOBER, like many restaurants in Zurich, has been around for over a century. We stopped by for some house-made hot chocolate while walking around the old district on our way to visit Fraumunster & Grossmunster. Good hot chocolate, but not quite as decadent as the one we found at Florence, Italy's Gilli. Worth a stop for the old, cutely decorated interior.

ZEUGHAUSKELLER is a great place for lunch, with huge (for Swiss) portions. If you don't have a reservation, time your visit carefully as you can hit the line which goes out the door. Prices are reasonable (for Switzerland). Most sausage dishes come with a delicious potato salad. Make sure you have a beer too.

HAUS HILTL is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Zurich. While we ordered off the menu, the better idea was probably to hit the buffet so you could sample many of their offerings. Moderate/pricey, it's worth a visit if you like veggies. Swiss Air's vegetarian dishes are made by Hiltl.

Everything we ate, was so very, very good. Even the tap water (compared to Southern California) was delicious--better than most of the bottled versions.

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  1. Thanks for your tips! We are going to Zurich this weekend and I've also had a difficult time finding decent reports on where to eat. Cheers!

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      few suggestions - Cantinetta Antinori for authentic Italian in great part of town, Didi's Freiden for intimate upscale Swiss, Bu's for classy NY style ambiance with an amazing (in scope and price shockingly) wine list, Bianchi for Italian with seafood emphasis, and finally for super casual lunch try Sterner Grill on Bellevue Platz for unbelieveable stand up bratwurst/mustard/and crusty delicious burli bread...Swss version of having a "slice" a la NYC