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Jan 11, 2012 11:15 AM

Am I making a horrible mistake? Noise at Zahav

I have a 7:15 reservation at Zahav on Sunday for our mother's birthday. While I won't reveal her age, I am her baby at 49! Can anyone comment on the noise particularly on a Sunday night? Thanks

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  1. Last time I was there on a Sunday they were completely full. It's not deafening, but I wouldn't take my family members that are that age there.

    1. We frequent Zahav and have only found the noise level objectionable infrequently. Stating the obvious; much will depend upon where one is seated and next to whom. We have found the tables by the windows facing the Ritz to be relatively buffered from the noise. I am not sure how big a party could be seated there probably only 6-8. They do have a back room thru the curtains, or is it arches, which could suit your party. Great choice for interesting food and drinks and good service. Best wishes and good luck with the noise level. I am sure management will do all they can for you if you advise them of the issue.

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        I concur with Bacchus. Seating on the side is much quieter.

      2. ask about being seated in the back room- agree with bacchus that you should talk to mgmt- on a sunday night especially, they will do all that they can

        1. Thank you all for your suggestions! I was going to call them and request a quiet area and then this happened:
          When making the reservation I had mentioned it was my mother's (undisclosed year) birthday - it is kind of how I managed to get a late reservation in the first place. Last night, a different person from the one who made the reservation called me and said "you have a reservation and it is a ## birthday?" I said yes, and he said "may I offer you a table in a quieter area of our restaurant?" I was thrilled! Of course we still need to see how it is executed, but they get massive points in my book for offering without being asked! Will report back after our dinner. Mom is triled - Zahav was her choice!

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            That;'s fantastic Bigley that they would do that for a 29 year old lady!

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              Either that or they read Chowhound too. (No...I'm not cynical.)

              1. re: Philly Ray

                I actually considered that - but if that"s the case, more power to them! We were a last minute (week) reservation they were squeezing in, no need to cater to us. (don't take my quiet table away if you read this! ; )

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                A very considerate and classy call on their part. Chowhounds readers or not they took positive action to improve a customers dining experience. Good show Zahav!

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                  I wonder if I can pre-order the Mesibah for later in the month on Chowhound? It would save me a call...

              3. Call restaurant. Explain situation. Ask for seating in side room.