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Jun 8, 2006 06:44 PM


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Looking for a place to go tonight to watch the basketball game.
Can anyone recommend a place in this neck of the woods, hat has good food and drink, lots of tv's, maybe an outdoor patio


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  1. It's not a Sport's Bar...But they have TV's in the bar area at Mexicali in Studio City. Food and happy hour drinks in the bar area as well.

    1. Stanley's in Sherman Oaks at Ventura and Matilija, two blocks west of Woodman.
      Also, Pineapple Hill in the In N Out burger center on Moorpark at Van Nuys Blvd. focuses on sports, burgers and booze, with equal emphasis on all 3, and with easy price points and no pretense.

      1. Try the Fox and Hounds pub on Ventura near Vineland. Or Pat's Bar and Grill on Riverside near Laurel Canyon.

        1. If you don't mind hopping over to Van Nuys, you can hit up LA's sole South African spot, Springbok Bar & Grill. Snack on some biltong -- an unusual but delectable type of beef jerky -- and finish it off with the durban curry and a couple of brews. With two big screens and a number of smaller ones, it's a great, homey place to enjoy the game.

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            So as not to scare the OP, Springbok is on Victory, somewhere between Balboa and Sepulveda. It's pretty close to Encino/Sherman Oaks.