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Jan 11, 2012 09:53 AM

Cabo San Lucas Eats

Tried to post on main Cabo thread for some reason unable to. I've been going to Cabo 1-2 times a year for 25 years or so, seen a few changes usually spend most my time fishing etc.
I usually take a taxi into town next week going to drive from the airport.

Are there any good Taco stands to stop at between the airport and downtown Cabo?
Never been to Gordon lele... Not interested in someone singing Beatle songs but Are there Tacos really worth going for? Which is there best and are they open during the day or only at night?

Many places will cook your fish, too numerous to list. For casual have always liked Los Michocan for carnitas, Gardenias for fish tacos, Piasas for tacos and Mariscos el torito for some grilled shrimp or langoustine. Late at night, there used to be a man and his wife who had a cart and fantastic grilled Carne tacos!

Know of any place that serves great Carne Asada?

I've sort of tired of Edith's although I still enjoy going to the Office for breakfast when it's quiet and you can put your feet in the sand!! Mi Casa not the greatest food but a festive atmosphere if your with a group.

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  1. Rossy's Tacos in San Jose ( is definitely worth a stop for tacos... Excellent Carne Asada tacos! Have you tried Hacienda Cocina ( at the old Hotel Hacienda? It is fantastic affordable Mexican food with a "to die for" view. La Fonda ( if off the beaten path and FABULOUS.

    Hope this helps! Have a great trip!

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      I have tried La Fonda and it was good. Plan to hit Hacienda Cocina in the next couple weeks. There menu does look good as well as the photos from the outside tables. thanks

    2. How about Tacos Gardenia - I think it's on Hidalgo - it's not far from the Puerto Paraiso Mall near the fire department if that helps - amazing tacos - my favorite were the shredded beef, but the shrimp and fish seem to be super popular - they serve them with little bowls of things to add to your tacos - shredded cabbage, cheese, salsa, chopped radishes, etc. Also highly recommend any of their ceviches and cocktails (as in shrimp cocktail) they are delicious and a real bargain too!

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        Agree, definitely like Gardenias and will be going for sure.

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          Gardenias is my FAVORITE! I just didn't recommend because I saw you already knew it ;)