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Jan 11, 2012 08:06 AM

Teresa's Bakery - Eastchester NY

Drove by this place the other day and saw it had taken over the long time salumeria that was once there. I got a tip they had decent breakfasts and headed there this morning. I walked in and the first impression is it' is bright, colorful, quaint and immaculate. The boards with the items for sale are very nice and the place just feels good. I gazed at the assortment of cakes, cookies and pastries that consumed the display cases. There is also a section for smoothies and ice cream. I am not a sweets person per se and was really only there for a breakfast sandwich. The prices seemed a bit high at first, but I later found out that a coffee was included in the price of the sandwich. I ordered a simple bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. The sandwich actually comes on a wedge and has quite a bit of cheese. I'm not sure if they gave me two eggs, but they must have (which is listed as 50 cents extra). The total was $4.75. They told me they would be open til 7 in the winter, but til 10 when "ice cream season" is upon us. The staff, I assume the owners, were very pleasant and not pushy at all. I received a business card and a fridge magnet with my meal and I was in and out in a few minutes. The coffee was typical deli coffee, nothing to brag about, but not awful. The sandwich was excellent. Not too much salt or pepper which I asked for. Very nice size for the money and oozing with perfectly melted cheese (not running all over and not still hard). All in all I was very happy and will be back. I don't know if they have a website, but they seemed to have some interesting lunch combos. Sandwiches were listed at $7.95 and I believe they are either wedges or a panini.

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  1. I thought Teresa's had been there a while, did they take over the Italian deli somewhere between CVS and Eastchester Fish across the street?

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      I think Teresa's used to be called something else (years ago the location was another bakery called Dante's) and was between the Mobil and the Bank. It is now in the south end of town and is across from Town Hall

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        Teresa's started off as a very small homemade Italian ice shop in the Bronx. It is still there on crosby ave in throggs neck. Teresa and her husband Juilio opened it about 12 years ago. Fantastic people. Very good pastries and excellent Italian ice's. Cant wait for summer! Im so glad they opened a new place in eastchester. I work close so i often stop there for a panini for lunch. Delicious!

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            Gonna stick to the lunches. Went this morning for a bacon egg and cheese. $4.50 and awful. How do you mess up a bacon, egg and cheese? They also used to include a small coffee with every breakfast sandwich. No longer. Not sure how you advertise $2.50 for egg and cheese and $3.00 for egg and bacon and arrive at $4.50 for bacon, egg and cheese. Very disappointed, because I have had nothing but good experiences up until now.

      2. Second time around at Teresa's and I will definitely be back. Don't normally eat cold cuts, but was craving something like salami. Ordered a Eastchester's Bravest Panini. I ordered the wrap, but the guy said "get the panini with this one." I listened and I'm glad I did. A huge sandwich (huge) with a layer of hot Sopressata, Cappicola, Mozzarella, Grilled eggplant (lots and sliced so thin...yummy) and hot peppers. Perfect balance of heat and flavor. One of the best panini's I've ever had.

        Then I said, what the hay and got a cannoli. Have to admit, it's one of the best. Not sicky sweet, nice crunchy shell and the softest cream. Not premade, but squeezed out, right in front of you. Perfection and I'm not a dessert guy.