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Jan 11, 2012 08:06 AM

Any good food at Barajas airport?

I will have 2 layovers at Barajas on a trip this March to Istanbul (from Boston). Both are about 4 hours long, one being from 7:00 am to 11:00 am, the other from 10:15 am to 2:00 pm.

I don't think this will be enough time to leave the airport, even for something close by.

Does anyone know of anything at the airport that is good? No specific desires, just anything good. I spent 10 days in Spain 2 years ago and was in food heaven. Just looking for a taste of something good while in transit.


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  1. Too bad you're not laying-over in Barcelona! They have an outpost of the Michelin-starred Gaig, Porta Gaig. It was easily one of my most memorable airport lunches! The Menu del Dia included a tall bottle of Estrella Damm Inedit (developed with the assistance of Ferran Adria).

    Here's a link to the Madrid airport website. Select your Terminal # and see the list of eats. I was just reminiscing the other day about the double chocolate muffin I had a some little food kiosk in Barajas. I'm not a typical muffin person but it was so rich and chocolatey with chunks of chocolate baked in.

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      Too bad! That is exactly the kind of thing I am hoping for...

      Thanks for the link. I will have to figure out which terminal we'll be in and hope for the best.

    2. When we were waiting to go to Morocco, I just grabbed a ham baguette from a little no name quick restaurant and it kicked the ass of most of the sandwiches I usually get in Boston.

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      1. Sibarium has the best stuff. It's a little gourmet store/deli where you can get sandwiches made or buy cheese, ham, olives, and other D.O. products from around Spain. There's one in the "zona de embarque" in T4 and according to this, it's also in the other terminals (though I haven't seen those):

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          Fantastic! This seems perfect for a snack on my way to Turkey and to do some grocery shopping on my way back home.


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            I think that's the one we got the great sandwich from.

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              Excellent! Looking forward to a nice sandwich on my to Turkey!