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Jan 11, 2012 07:53 AM

Great lunch at Barroco in Lakewood, Ohio

I had lunch at Barroco Grille in Lakewood, Ohio. I have seen a bit of posative press about them recently and wanted to give it a try. I was really impressed with not only the food, but the service was superb for the face paced atmosphere. They have built a menu around arepas, and the chicken version I tried was very tastey. They do pork empenadas that were far and away the best I've ever tried. They had a great light yet crisp texture that is very elusive. The black bean soup was very hardy and flavorfull much better than the paste I've find in most of my other bean soup experiences around town. The food is rounded out by a selection of 5 sauces ranging from a sweeter pinapple thru a spicy peanut. All five turned out to be exceptional, and they leave plentifull amounts at the table in squeeze bottles so there is little chance of running out. We decided to give the churros a try and to our delight they were very good. Far and above what I expected.

Our server was very attentive while being quite busy. The dining room is small, but efficent and filled with plesantly bright art. There was a brisk take away crowd on our visit, but our server was very interested in making sure we had a good experience. Prices are very reasonable with an average under $10. It appeared they might have a BYOB policy, but being our visit was for lunch we didn't inquire. Furthermore, the beverage selection was the only sore spot with only fountain soda drinks available. Bottled or canned juices would be very welcomed, but the space is very tight and I would forgo a tastey beverage for superb food anytime.

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  1. Great, thank you for letting us know about this! I've been wondering.

    1. excellent report thanks. weak drinks selection? i certainly agree with you about that and in fact personally i would take it even further and forgo everything else on a menu for any one great thing lol!

      right off the top of my head ive got a brother, uncle and some cousins that will be very into this place. i will pass this along thanks again.