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Jan 11, 2012 06:16 AM

Discussion Update Slow

The Chowhound Discussions seems to be taking quite a long time to show new posts, up to fifteen minutes.

Edit: Make that up to half an hour now.

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  1. Also the "New" button comes and goes at random.

    1. Thanks Hannaone... that has been happening to me during the last 15-ish minutes. I've been following a post I made going from the main discussion page to home cooking and the main page doesn't show a post I made a while ago, but does appear on My Profile page.

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      1. re: Gio

        This post hasn't hit the main page yet...

      2. Not meaning to belabor the point...
        A thread I'm following shows a post someone made 23+ minutes ago... but Is Not showing up on her profile page yet.

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        1. re: Gio

          The main discussion page is not refreshing.

          1. re: Veggo

            I know, Veggo... even when I hit the refresh button on my tool bar.

        2. Ok, if I understand correctly:

          A) The page at is slow to update, and

          B) For at least one user, the chowhound-related section(s) of the profile page are slow to update (if they're updating at all).

          I can reproduce A pretty easily, but is anyone else experiencing B?

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          1. re: Engineering

            This user's profile is at least eight minutes behind on updating.

            EDIT: This profile page is at least 21 minutes behind.

            Note - both posted to home cooking board

            1. re: Engineering

              The two profile pages referenced above still not updated.

              The two homecooking board threads are:



              I checked several other profiles from posts on different boards/threads but didn't find any other slow updates.

              1. re: hannaone

                Actually, that profile seems to be omitting certain posts entirely for some reason- it has up to date information for a thread just posted to Site Talk, but not for several of the other examples you're referring to. The bug is unrelated to problem A, and much stranger besides.

                1. re: Engineering

                  Somehow I pasted the same profile page twice.

                  This profile page may have the same problem:


                  User posted to this thread over an hour ago but it's not showing up in the profile page,


                  1. re: Engineering

                    It may be a problem with certain threads

                    The user at

                    posted to this same thread and the post is not showing in the profile


                    1. re: hannaone

                      When I replied to the thread my profile updated immediately,
                      But when I replied to this post
                      I got an error message ="Please enter something before responding"

                      I had to enter a space, then press the enter key before clicking the submit button.

                      1. re: hannaone

                        Thanks for checking this out. If possible, can we ask that you test things in the test thread or in a new thread here on Site Talk, rather than in regular threads? We don't want people getting notification emails for test posts made on regular threads.

                        As for the bugs, given the amount of inconsistency in problem B, we'll likely have to test this one internally.

                        Problem A has been identified, and we hope to have a fix out before the end of the week.

                        Thank you for your assistance, as well as your patience.