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Jan 11, 2012 06:04 AM

Lunch in Wayne area

Am meeting a friend for lunch next week and she wants me to pick a place. We plan to sit and talk for a while, and we both enjoy good food. Her husband only eats typical American fare so when she is out alone, she likes to do ethnic (or really good American).

She suggested we try somewhere new. Although Wayne/Bryn Mawr/Paoli isn't far, I haven't noticed 'what's new'. Oh, and while she can walk, she can't walk really far due to an injury so parking 'nearby' would be important. So any thoughts on new, interesting places or lesser known places that we might not have been to (doesn't have to be new, just new to us)? I'm stumped so thought you all could help me!

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  1. I recently tried the new Paramour in the Wayne Hotel and was impressed. It's been open for 3 months or so. I keep meaning to post about it but haven't yet, I had dinner in the bar and tried 8 or so small plates, they were all good, some were a little under-seasoned but I kind of expect that in the burbs. I especially liked the fried chicken oysters (though they're served with little "cilantro pearls" that are totally pointless and shouldn't be on the plate) and the fries. The bar and dining room are really comfortable and pretty, too, apart from the view of the parking lot across the street on the east side . There's parking right in front of the entrance.

    1. Margaret Kuo's offers a quiet, comfortable ambiance and great food as does The Thai Pepper.. Teresa's is good but the noise level gets up there. I've enjoyed Matador's small plates but you'll want to stay on the ground floor. All have parking close by.
      P.S. Xilantro is a rip-off.

      1. Silk Cuisine in Bryn Mawr offers a quiet comfortable setting to sit and talk. Good Thai food and friendly service.

        Have you been to White Dog and Mixx?

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will pass them onto my friend and see what she thinks.

          Haven't tried Paramour in the Wayne Hotel so hoping she might go for that! Have been to Theresa's, White Dog, Thai Pepper, MKuo's and Silk Cuisine (I think...if that's the one across from FoodSource). Not fond of MKuo's in that location but the rest are good but not new. I completely agree with Xilantro. Definitely won't go back there. Have been to Azie on Main but not Mixx. Any comments on MIxx for lunch?

          I did a quick google and saw something called Mediterranean Grill in both Bryn Mawr and in Wayne. Not familiar with those. Any thoughts?