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Jan 11, 2012 05:35 AM

Lunch in Denver ???

From NY and Miami and will be in Denver for a day in a few weeks on a Friday and after flying all morning we will be interested in having a fabulous LUNCH !!!! Any recommendations......we love Italian but are open to ideas other than a chain or fast food.

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  1. Where will you be?

    I don't know much about the Italian scene in Denver, but I just referenced two excellent lunches in Larimer Square (Rioja and Euclid Hall) in a recent post:

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    1. re: Kelly

      We will be staying at The Ritz Carlton and we will have a we would travel somewhere for a great experience for lunch. Thanks on the suggestions of Rioja and Euclid Hall.

      1. re: DAGriff

        If you're good for a late Italian lunch perhaps Crimson Canary might hit the spot ( Great happy hour that starts at 3 pm! Got great reviews in our local weekly rag ( On my visit the lasagna was excellent!

        1. re: bouldereater

          Tried the Crimson Canary last night. Underwhelmed.

          The lasagna was probably the best plate we had, but overall most of the plates were flat, one dimensional and lacking in flavor.

          The atmosphere is sparse and with wood floors very loud.

          There are too many great options in Denver for me to justify a recommendation to the Crimson Canary.

          I would suggest Euclid Hall for one...

    2. Hi DAgriff, Dunno if open for lunch and may be a distance from Ritz, but Olinger's was great. Lots of small plates, thoughtful menu, amazing view of Downtown Denver and the "it" spot. Used to be a mortuary. Cute ice cream stop on the same block with interesting flavors like BBQ...if you like that stuff. Also, Elway's isn't open for lunch? I swear the raw bar is awesome there. I live in SoCal, but head to Denver three times a year for biz.

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      1. re: Sonias

        Linger is not open for lunch, fyi.

        Rioja is my favorite spot for amazing lunch- so many great places are not open for lunch, but Rioja is, as is Euclid Hall (same owners) around the corner.

      2. Panzano is italian and serves great food. But I'd still go to Rioja.