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Jan 10, 2012 09:06 PM

problems w board reload/refresh

i wondered for a while if i was just really stupid.
but no, if i looked at the main discussion home board,
and then navigated away, perhaps to my local "home" board, or fmn, or general, or whatever...
and *then* clicked back again to via the "chowhound discussions" button in the header...
i would go back to the same screen, showing the same "last posts" as before,
with the posts that actually went up 10 or 20 minutes ago still listed as 1 minute ago.
click on different board now, maybe home cooking or naf...
then try to look at the main discussion home.... same screen again, same posts listed, no time lapse--
open new tab, same prob.
so way hinky. is there something obvious i can be doing to navigate the site?
am i the only person having this problem? maybe i *am* really stupid....

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