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Jan 10, 2012 07:54 PM

Group Brunch/Lunch/Dinner (~30pp) Thornhill/Richmond Hill/North York/Markham

We're trying to arrange a family meal to celebrate my parent's anniversary...any recommendations in the Thornhill/North York/Richmond Hill/Markham area? We'll be about 50 people. I'd like to keep it around 30$ for the meal alone. Not limited to any specific type of food - we're open to all brunch/lunch/dinner recommendations...but we'd prefer a private or semi-private room as there will be kids. All ideas welcome!! thx!

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  1. I'd say look at Chinese places-- whichever can give you a private room of that size. Emperor, Yang's, or Regal are options.

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      Thx for the recommendation - can't get Emperor's website to work in English....and called `Yang`s and Regal`s without any luck....