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Jan 10, 2012 07:51 PM

Driving across PA on 1-80 -- any Wegman's near 1-80?

I will be driving all the way across Penn on 1-80 on my way to Ohio. I would like to stop at a Wegman's supermarket if there is one within 30-40 min. drive off 1-80. I know there is one at State College -- would that be the one closest to I-80? What about Williamsport -- too much off a detour?


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  1. A quick search reveals that the one in State College is about 20 minutes away from I-80 while the one in Williamsport is about 23 minutes away. Your other options include Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. I'd vote for the one in State College.

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      The one in State College is FAR superior to the Williamsport Wegman's. I agree with moookle, stop in State College.

    2. I like the one in Scranton/Dixon City. It's about 30 miles from the I-80/I-380 split. I always stock up on landjaegers and Hoffman's when I drive back to Brooklyn. Great food court, as well.

      1. The Wilkes-Barre Wegmans is only about 15 miles up I-81 (prob roughly 20 min after the lights and such at the exit). Can't compare it to State College as I've never stopped at that one, but we stop at Wilkes-Barre regularly on the way to/from Boston.

        I think Wilkes-Barre or State College would be closest. There's around 2-2.5 hours drive time difference on I-80 between where you would exit for those, I think, roughly. (Just off top of my head estimate.)

        1. The one in Williamsport is about half an hour from 80. That was the first Wegmans I had been to, while I was in college. I haven't been there in about 10 years now, so I can't say how it compare to other stores. The one in Wilkes-Barre is a very nice one (though a bit out of your way--I'd recommend taking the NE Extension of the PA turnpike from 80 to W-B if you opt for that one, since there will be a lot less traffic than on 81).

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            The NE Extension dumps you out well north of where the Wegmans is though. It's about 17 miles from 80, and then maybe half a mile off the exit. And yeah 81 is angled slightly in the wrong direction if coming from the east, but the NE Extension won't make it closer. It's 20 miles on the NE Extension, which then dumps you 7 miles above where you need to be on 81, plus in typical PA Turnpike fashion neither of those interchanges is quite direct with the other highway. Wegmans is at Exit 168 on 81. Traffic is usually not too bad south of that. It's better to take 81, and it'll take 20 minutes.

            State College looks to be about 16 miles, very similar time, so it's really just a matter of when you'd like to stop.