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Jan 10, 2012 06:44 PM

Birthday Dinner in Riverhead, Long Island...

For my boyfriend's birthday, I've decided to surprise him with a wine getaway weekend to Long Island. We'll be staying in the Hilton Garden Inn Riverhead Friday and Saturday night. I'm looking for a nice restaurant for a special birthday dinner. I am not really familiar with the area, but we will have a car, and I'd be willing to drive 15 minutes to go somewhere!

Budget is around $200 for the two of us, including a bottle of wine. We're not picky when it comes to cuisine, just as long as it is tasty! Thank you in advance.

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    1. There's nothing on Rte 58, but go into town on Rte 25 and besides the above, you have Cliffs Rendevous for old style steak house, or Dark Horse for more upscale. If you want something different, Tweeds specializes in buffalo meat. I would go north to Wading River though, La Plage is our favorite, it's on the Sound and you'll love the food. That is a real special occasion place. I want to recommend Cooperage Inn on Sound Ave, as they may be closest to where you're staying; but they are very hit or miss. I've had great food but also bad enough to complain at times. And the owner is sort of rude if you do complain, which bothered me.

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        contesse teresa is very close and great food and service.Also only winery with own restaurant

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          I am planning on going there for the first time for our 35th anniversary and I know it will be perfection! More than 15 minutes though....maybe 20 or 25?

      2. My vote would be Riverhead Project or Love Lane Kitchen.

        1. tRP (The Riverhead Project) has an excellent and unique menu, great service and an "special" ambiance that would be great for a birthday celebration. My wife loved it for her birthday.
          LaPlage in Wading River is also a great choice for the same reasons. Maybe 10 minutes from your hotel.

          1. Thanks for the input! I made reservations at The Riverhead Project, mostly because of the ambiance (it does seem perfect for a celebration!) I'm really excited for our meal!

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              Make sure you check out the lower level and the "vault."

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                Let us know how it goes, now I'm thinking of going for my birthday.

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                  I thought you stopped having birthdays!!

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                    Oops I forgot, maybe if I make them go backwards that would work!