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Jan 10, 2012 06:00 PM


I am in the process of conforming to the laws of Kashrut, and am still adjusting to the change in lifestyle, as I was not raised in a kosher home. Having rather respectable abilities in preparing vegetarian Indian cuisine, I agreed to prepare a Kosher Indian Dinner for my Chabad House next month. The one sticking point I have is that I have been unable to source asafoetida (hing) with a hechsher. This is the one ingredient I truly find indispensable, and am bumming in a big way, as I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help a brother out? Thanks so much.

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  1. try looking through these two links

    as well, call the spice house in milwakee and see if they can help

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    1. I'd like to know as well. If you mention your location, you'll get more useful responses. Have you checked health food stores? There was one where I used to live that carried it. I think it was under KSA, but I am not sure.

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        Thanks to you all. I am familiar with Spice House, and have ordered several curry powders from them for my event. They are a pleasure to deal with, and their prices are reasonable in light of the certification. Cloggie, I am on Long Island. I never thought to look in a health food store, but that is an excellent lead. I am grateful.

      2. I recall this coming up on this board before, and I think the upshot was that The Spice House did NOT carry it. Sorry. Or maybe that has changed. Please report back if you find it.

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            QueensC, I have already attempted to contact them as their kosher certification was expired. I asked for the updated one, and they never responded. :( Thanks for your efforts though, as it is greatly appreciated.

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              I went to Spice house and found updated kosher certificate good until mid-2012. They are also still listing asafoetida as available on their main website.

              kosher-cert-2011-12 (application/pdf Object)

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                Yes, but the last time this was discussed, the asafoetida was not available from their Milwaukee store (their kosher site). Maybe that has changed, but you'd have to put in an order and double-check that it was coming from the Milwaukee location.

          2. it probably doesnt need a one sane says whole spices need a hechsher, except on pesach when sanity goes out the window.

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              Unfortunately Moishe, its compounded with rice and wheat flours, gum arabic, and turmeric, so I can't avail myself of that argument, but thanks nonetheless.