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Jan 10, 2012 05:10 PM

Peruvian Desserts?

My Dinner Club has chosen Peru as the theme this time. I'm tasked with bringing a dessert. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Yes, I too can 'google' ideas but I'm hoping someone out there in Chowland is actually from Peru, or has been to Peru, and has some ideas, possibly fruit based? I do have access to a Latin grocery store but most of the items are canned or bottled - nothing fresh.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Suspiro Limeño, de dulce de leche tipo natilla y merengue

    Lácuma tiramisu

    Pumpkin picarones served with chancaca honey syrup.

    buñuelos de chocolate caliente or hot chocolate-filled beignets glazed with passionfruit reduction and served with banana and passionfruit ice cream,

    More picarones


    Lúcuma ice cream

    Pisco Sour ice cream with pisco-soaked raisins

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      Thanks Melanie. Did you make these? They all look so good. Any particular recommendation?

    2. Lúcuma is very good. Or at least many people think so (it seems to be one of those fruits that you either love or hate). The taste is unique and hard to describe, but I guess it is kind of like a cross between sweet potatoes and butterscotch. It goes well with a touch of chocolate, too.

      I've made lúcuma cream cheese pie
      (although I used a ready-made pie crust because I didn't want an oreos flavor)

      I've also made Lúcuma Bavarois, modified from a recipe similar to this
      (I increased the vanilla and served it in panna cotta-type bowls instead of a ring mold)

      For each of both I used a previously-frozen 14 oz package of lúcuma pulp.

      Both were very good. And the home-made bavarois/mousse cost only a fraction of what one of the local restaurants charges for the same. ; )

      1. TSAW, what did you ultimately go with? How was it?

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        1. re: racer x

          Because I wanted to do something fruit based, I decided to set out looking for the lucuma. Unfortunately, in snowy Canada the Latin Store in my area had nothing of the sort. They had no fruit in cans and only had 2 frozen pulps, papaya and cherimoya. I bought the cherimoya pulp and made individual mousse cups, topped with meringue. The pulp was a horrible color, an off-whiteish. very unappealling, so I reduced some of the pulp juice down to a syrup and added a few drops of red food coloring, to drizzle around the top of the dessert. I didn't tell anyone the flavor and asked them to guess what they were tasting. Wow -- grape, strawberry, pineappple, melon, lemon! I think the white and red colors had the brain fooled a little. I thought it tasted like over ripe strawberry.

          And as it turned out, a lady from Bolivia was a guest at the party. She had not had cherimoya since being at home! Everyone enjoyed it, as the bowls were licked clean.

          Our dinner club is very flexible in that the theme is meant to 'inspire' the cooks. So although it was probably not completely authentic, it was an introduction to a taste no one had tried before.

          Thanks again for the ideas and inspiration. My Dinner Club group has no idea that I have Chowhound friends as my secret weapon!

          1. re: TSAW

            Have you made fruit-filled empanadas?

            1. re: TSAW

              Cherimoya? Fantastic! I would have suggested it, but it's so hard to find that I didn't think you'd be able to get any. I actually prefer cherimoya over lucuma.