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Jan 10, 2012 04:54 PM

Compare oysters

For eating oysters, which is the better Monty's or Casablanca

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  1. Casablanca's is far better! Although Monty's is a steal, they do not have much taste at all. I would rather pay a little more for MUCH better quality. My 2 favorite oyster places in Miami are River Oyster Bar (1/2 priced oysters daily 4-7 happy hour--this is a STEAL); also Oceanaire has great oysters which are $1 on Sundays at the bar...

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    1. re: hab

      What about a place closer to Hallandale (Broward)


      1. re: Luvtooeat

        Has anyone been to the new oyster bar place next to Coconuts in Fort Lauderdale? I went before the new menu was introduced and disappointed to find the same menu offered at Coconuts. Was told menu was being unveiled last week.

        1. re: sfeatz

          I'd like to know more about this oyster place in FLL please. :)

            1. re: southocean

              It's definitely pretty! Thank you.

              1. re: OysterHo

                You ever been to Tarks, in Hollywood/Dania? Fresh oysters, $9.50 a dozen, and they'll tell you if they aren't good. Fresh shucked clams, topnecks and littlenecks, same price. Fried clam bellies and strips. To get an idea what the place is like, check this Check, Please, South Florida video:

                1. re: southocean

                  I haven't been to Tarks since the 80's - it's been quite a while! It's kind of far for me now because I live in Delray Beach. I do appreciate when a server accurately describes the oysters though. Most have no idea and play it safe with me by saying "medium" when in fact they are small. Drives me nuts. I'll have to find a reason to go back down to Hollywood again.

                  1. re: OysterHo

                    I'm intrigued by the places posted so far..... MONTY'S, RIVER OYSTER BAR etc but particularly "TARKS...which seems kind of down home and funky and certainly has appeal for me,.. I am not a fan of 'stainless steel, hard surfaces and glitz' which always seems 'odd' to me for an Oyster/Seafood place, don't get me wrong and it's not like I have to see/sit by the waters edge and have fish nets hanging over me...This is our 4th winter in Florida and we found the SOUTHPORT RAW BAR the first year and keep returning...I digress, sorry...Had a dozen oysters the other night, they were on the small side but wonderfully fresh and tasty same for their shrimp, plump and cooked perfectly's very reasonable, the staff is friendly and efficient, the noise level not intrusive...all in all a very comfortable low key place. I will try TARKS for sure thanks for the heads up.

                    1. re: OysterHo

                      Used to be a regular @ Tarks. If going for Oysters only order in the winter months... At their prices they stick to to Gulf.
                      Also arguably the best wings in So FL go for the hot with Garlic!

                      1. re: Bigstu99

                        Are the wings better than Anthonys pizza and wings ?

                        1. re: Luvtooeat

                          They aren't as healthy fried vs baked. They aren't naked like Ricks either but better sauce

                        2. re: Bigstu99

                          Bigstu99.....thanks for the 'oyster' heads up....Husband wants to stick with Southport.....I think it's that old east coast-Boston kinda thing...feels kinda like "Cheers" ..only oysters

            2. re: Luvtooeat

              Aruba., This old standby, where virtually everything is very good, has good oysters, just not cheap $22.50/Doz.Same price as restaurant next to Coconuts where we haven't been, yet.
              But they usually come from colder northern waters so they're much better than gulf.

              Also, try Aruba's cold half lobster, but available only at the bar.