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Jan 10, 2012 04:15 PM

Need a Chinese place not buffet for tomorrow a group of 20

I was asked if Zen was open on Sherbrooke and Peel but I know it's been closed for a few years now. Hot and spicy also closed on Decarie altough it wasn't that great.

Any other places that anyone might know that has a all you can eat menu but with service to the table?

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  1. Finesses d'Orient but I think their only locations are Verdun and Laval.

    1. Gourmet Asian Fusion on St-Denis at Duluth is apporter votre vin and all you can eat, I think. I've never been but some friends like it. Oh wait, it might be buffet. Why not just go to Mon Nan or Restaurant Beijing in Chinatown?

      1. How about the brand new Cristal Chinois, located on the 6th. floor of 998 St. Laurent? Brand new and absolutely beautiful inside. I ate there last night and the food was excellent. They are definitely big enough to accommodate your group.... heck, they are big enough to accommodate an Italian wedding!

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          Do they have all-u-can-eat menu service?

          1. re: porker

            Oh wow! Sorry, I completely missed that part.I don't think they do.