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Jan 10, 2012 02:23 PM

The chocolate box - the british store at donlands and o'connor

hey i was wondering anyone been to that store? I kept hearing people telling me they sell many british foods and their prices are really competitive compared to others. But i went there the other day, half of the shop was selling CDs and the rest looks like a convenience store to me, didn't find any walkers crisps nor mars bars. Did i go into the wrong store??

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  1. Weren't you there four weeks ago and decided it wasn't that great?

    It is a small, kind of oddball shop, but it's okay. I was there just before Christmas and they had TONS of Walkers crisps. Seven bags for $6, not a terrible price. Are they all out now? What I like about the shop is that they carry Border's brand dark chocolate ginger biscuits, one of my favourites.

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