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Jan 10, 2012 02:16 PM

Community Supported Agriculture near Foggy Bottom?

I just moved to DC from NYC (where I had a CSA that I loved!), and I am looking for recommendations of a CSA to join for the 2012 season. I live and work in the Foggy Bottom area, so while delivery to my apartment isn't necessary, I'd need to be able to pick up from somewhere in this area. (I don't have a car.) I want to join a genuine, local CSA, not one of those resellers like Arganica or Green Grocer. Thank you for your recommendations!

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  1. The Washington Post prints a list of CSAs each winter. This year's is coming in early Feb., according to the item below. If you don't want to wait, look around the Post website for last year's list.

    Sorry, no personal recommendations for you in DC. I belong to one in Alexandria and love it.

    1. Star Hollow Farm

      I haven't used them myself but when I was doing research on CSAs this is the one I was planning to join. What I love about them is that you give them money up front, then every week you "opt in" for that week - or not. If you are going to be out of town, you simply refrain from opting in.

      I suggested this to a friend recently who was looking for a CSA - she joined without needing to spend much time at all on their waiting list and really loves it.

      The problem is that you need to get yourself to Adams Morgan on Sat. to pick it up.

      1. Thanks! I'll have to check the WP and Star Hollow out. Does anyone know anything about Sunrise Harvest Farm? It appears that they do home delivery for a quite reasonable-seeming price.

        1. You may want to do a search for "CSA" on this board - This is the 2011 thread, but there are others out there:

          1. I work at WWF (24th and M) and Potomac Vegetable Farms does a dropoff there. Fantastic selection- always really happy with it. You can join the WWF group even if you don't work there and just pick it up from the building.