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Jan 10, 2012 01:55 PM

Sunday night dinner in Mitte

I am going to Berlin next week for business. Sunday night I have nothing planned and I will be dining solo. Looking for a great restaurant in Mitte for a foodie who doesn't eat meat (fish is fine). Any style cuisine is welcome.

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  1. Dudu Berlin (pan-Asian)
    Toca Rouge (modern Chinese)
    Monsieur Vuong (Viet)
    Yam Yam (Korean)
    Yarok (Syrian)
    Il Contadino Sotto le Stelle (Italian)
    Cocolo (Ramen)
    Clärchens Ballhaus (Pizza & German)

    1. I tried the vegan restaurant Kopps last week and thought it was pretty good. The food was inventive, the dining room decor is modern and there wasn't a hippy in sight! ;)

      1. Thanks for all of the great responses.

        1. Hi
          I am new to chowhound and do not know how to start a new thread so am posting here- sorry!
          I am coming to berlin in a few days and staying in Mitte at Circus Hotel (Rosenthaler Straße 1). I have read all of the extremely useful posts including your blog and review Linguafood. I am looking for some good inexpensive and authentic restaurants. my current plan is:
          Clärchens Ballhaus - for german food and beer

          Currywirst at - bier’s curry & spieße / friedrichstr. 142 / mitte
          I also want to go for a good doner but can not seem to find somewhere not too far from my hotel - any thoughts?

          Finally for cocktails i will try reingold but any other recommendations - i would quite like to try a traditional beer hall type place.
          thanks a lot

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            You know, there was a time when Shark Döner on Rosenthaler Str. (near Hackescher Markt) was pretty good, and there's also a very tasty döner place in the supermarket next to Shark.

            I've eaten at neither in years, so don't hold me to it '-)

            There's also a bunch of popular döner places on Rosenthaler Platz itself, but I cannot vouch for their quality. It's generally drunk food for me, when judgment is clouded and a döner just hits the spot.

            If you are willing to taste a very unusual döner, hop on the U8 right near your hotel and take it all the way to Schönleinstr. stop. Get thee to Boppstr. and try Imren. It's more like a shwarma sandwich, they bake their own bread, and the meat is uniquely marinated.

            As for beer halls, that's more of a Southern German thing, and Clärchen's is likely the closest you'll get to that experience.

            There is a massive Munich-style Brauhaus near Alexanderplatz, Brauhaus Mitte, which is apparently a-ok, despite being in a serious tourist area.

            Also check out Kater Holzig for the ultimate hipster Berlin experience if that's your cuppa. Mine, it is not '-)

            Reingold is on the expensive side for cocktails, you could also check out Riva Bar on Dircksenstr. beneath the elevated train line.

            Guten Appetit!