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Jan 10, 2012 01:42 PM

Spring Cookbooks has just published a dizzyingly long list of new cookbooks being released this spring. Quite frankly, I don't know how I am going to fit any more cookbooks on my shelves unless I cull some of my unused ones! The April Bloomfield A Girl and Her Pig is kind of calling my name!

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  1. Great find. It will be interesting to see how much of the Bloomfied is memoir and how much recipes. Sure to be interesting whichever. And although I'm not much of a dessert cook, how can one not pay attention to "Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts" by Alice Medrich. Especially since it's coming from Artisan. I just hope it's not yet another of their coffee table tomes that's too big to be propped up on a kitchen counter.

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      Medrich's most recent Artisan book in hardback, Pure Dessert, is wonderfully produced and also a pretty user-friendly size. Depending on its scope, I wonder if they might go with a paperback, as they did with her Chewy Gooey, etc., though I don't prefer that format for cookbooks given that paperbacks don't easily stay open to a given page.

    2. Good heavens roxlet, this was the last thing I needed to see!!! I had no idea so many cookbooks come out at any given time. No wonder I have a cookbook monkey on my back!! On the upside, it makes my collection seem much, much smaller!!

      Thanks for sharing this link. I'm looking forward to doing a thorough review of it but here are a few that immediately caught my eye on first pass:

      Paul Virant has cooked at some of my fave Chicago restaurants and the concept of preserving food is one that always appeals to me so I'll definitely take a look at this book when it hits the bookstores to see if it's worth buying.

      I also agree w you that April Bloomfield's book sounds promising. I'd be more interested in her recipes than her story though to be perfectly honest. The Spotted Pig is one of my "must eat there" places every time we visit NYC.

      I wish Gordon Ramsey would stop publishing books, I regret purchasing the ones I have . . . very rare indeed for me.

      Chicago's Chefs Tables is a must for me.

      The Southern Italian Farmer's Table is just screaming my name.

      That's as far as I got w the list for now.

      Giada's new Weeknights book will definitely find its way onto my shelf. Costco usually carries them so they tend to be affordable and we're always pleased with her recipes. I have all her books (surprise surprise!!) and they all have been used with good results.

      Ditto for Martha. I know some aren't fans but my experience w Martha's recipes has been very good. Given that she's a stickler for detail, this American collection really appeals to me.

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        Lol! I completely thought of you when I posted this!

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          Too funny roxlet. Even though I totally knew I had no business opening your thread the sad thing was I just couldn't help myself!!! Next time could you put "No breadcrumbs allowed" in the subject line?!! ; - )

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            I would never do that to you, BC! :)

      2. The Paul Virant looks interesting as does the Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book. I have a shelf open since I cleaned some non cookbooks off the bookcase.

        1. Oh, I really did not need to see this. There are many interesting books on the list. A few that made my short list right off the bat were the Trinidad & Tobago book, Robb Walsh's new book, and Paul Virant's book.

          It looks like the Nigel Slater book listed, "Ripe," is simply the American release of Tender Vol. 2, don't you think? I got excited for a sec about a new Slater book, but then realized it must be Tender Vol 2, which I already have (and love).