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Jan 10, 2012 01:41 PM

Joy of Kosher Best of 2011....Joke of Kosher more like it

I don't know if anybody has seen the contest joy of kosher put on for best of 2011 in several food service categories including best kosher chef and best restaurant.
Has anybody ever even heard of the top contestant in ANY category?


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  1. It says they are still accepting nominations, so add the ones you know?

    1. NoBo Wine and Grill in Teaneck is in first place I've never heard of it, but I rarely get to Teaneck.

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      1. re: AdinaA

        A friend of mine who lives on Long Island went there once (because he was in Teaneck) and told me it was so good he would go again - even considering the tolls etc. The reviews here were mixed but this is someone who eats out a lot so I thought it was a convincing referral.

        1. re: sl96

          I have been to NOBO, its where the pasta factory used to be, atmosphere and drinks are good but the food is not good. Everything sounded good but the flavors were horrible. Like for example the red wine sauce actually tasted like red wine. The chef did not have the skill to pull off the dishes he had described. I have not been back since. If I had to go again I would stick to things that the chef can't mess up too bad, like a steak. Its too bad because its one of the few kosher places that is clean, big and has good service- its at the level of a non-kosher restaurant. If they had good food it would be awesome and a place I would certainly frequent.

          1. re: azna29

            i completely disagree; worth another try; we were there three weeks ago and LOVED it and we generally frequent many NYC restaurants; this was as good, if not better....

            1. re: azna29

              I also disagree. Ate there a few weeks ago, had a fantastic meal. Try the sous-vide lamb, it's amazing.

              1. re: azna29

                It actually *is* Pasta Factory. They went meat and changed the name a bit later.

          2. In my very limited experience with blogging, it seems most of these nominations/contests are a combination of a popularity contest where anyone can nominate themselves, and then get their readership to vote for them, and all about advertising. I wouldn't waste my time voting.

            1. I was at prime grill the other night, and when chef david came over to the table i asked him if he was concerned about his ranking/the restaurant's ranking in this poll. he laughed. the poll is a facebook-based popularity contest, reminiscent of high school student elections and not at all indicative of actual community feelings. full disclosure, though: i do love feed me bubbe and voted for the cookbook.

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              1. re: brooklynkoshereater

                I love Feed me Bubbe too. All that is missing from her recipe collection is home-made macaroni and cheese made with Migdal processed cheese slices :)

              2. What everyone else has said. I did vote for a friend to give her a boost, but mostly this is about creating interest and driving visitors to websites they may not have known about previously. Take it with a box of kosher salt. Either ignore it completely or view it as light entertainment.