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Jan 10, 2012 01:37 PM

Help! Need 3 in pre made pie shells to help ease the pain of making brunch for 100+

So we wanted to do something nice for a brunch for them after their wedding. What we didn't know was that there will be upwards of 100 people there. I've come to terms with this and I'm starting to get ideas but I can't find what I need. So rather than getting the frozen mini quiches from Costo, Sams whatever, I thought it would be pretty easy to make my own....if only I could find pre-made 3 inch pie shells somewhere. So far all I've found are the graham cracker ones, and the little tart shells. And I did find some 6 inch pie shells at Whole Foods, but those are too big.
Keep in mind, we're doing this on a limited budget (I know, insert snide remark from other readers here) which is why we're not having it catered. Also keep in mind that we have to fly in for the's not like we have all the comforts of home to help us out, and we'll only have a day to prep.
So am I out of luck? Maybe cupcake paper will work - like a low carb quiche. Am I better off resorting to the mini frozen ones? I just don't want the brunch to feel like it was catered by the Sams Club freezer section. Or should I stop tearing my hair out, and just make big quiches for people to cut up and serve themselves? They just look so messy once you cut into them.
Thanks for your help!

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  1. What about puff pastry sheets? Could you cut those and use muffin tins?

    1. Do yourself a favor and make mini-frittatas instead of mini quiches. You can knock these out really quickly with mini muffin pans and you won't be messing with a bunch of pastry. It will sound "fancy" on the menu too so it's a win-win situation.

      1. Phyllo cups. Just line a muffin pan with layers of phyllo. There are probably dozens of websites on cooking with muffin pans. My wife has made single-serve lasagna and mac & cheese this way.

        Here's a site to start you off.

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          Also, this site has about a trillion breakfast recipes, including a pretty darn great creme brulee french toast which is really more of a bread pudding. Can easily be done in a muffin/single-serve presentation (you make the brulee glaze and pour it on the bottom, then add cubed bread or bread rounds and pour the custard in - all done the night before; pop it in the oven the next morning and done).

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            Pre-made fillo cups may also be available, depending on where you shop.

            Will this be a buffet? I think the smaller tartlet/quiche shells might be better on a buffet than 3", seems like the one or two bite items that don't require much commitment are more popular.

          2. THANKYOU! Ya'll are geniuses! These are all great ideas, and I can't wait to test them.

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              One other thing. If you want to blow people away try some of these jello shots (they're cheap but time-intensive):