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Jan 10, 2012 01:23 PM

[Germany] Munich - short itinerary - critique requested

Quick 3 day trip to Munich coming up, here are my picks … please critique or provide your inputs.

My daughter and I are omnivores, so we won’t have any issues with the food. But I am coming up short on places for my wife who eats only poultry and fish.

1. Der Pschorr, near the Viktualienmarkt, - sauerbrauten with crispy potatoes and horseradish sauce
2. Andechser am Dom - roast duck and suckling pig
3. Spatenhaus an der Oper
4. Austernkeller – for seafood
5. Dallmayer's - champagne & fresh oysters
6. Haxenbauer - grilled meat & schwein spit roasted
7. Blauer Bock - next to the Viktualien Market
8. Prinz Myshkin – superlative Veggie food

Any other suggestions around The Charles hotel are welcome.


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  1. Just to make your life harder, Geisel's Vinothek is close walking distance to the Charles. They always have interesting fish and fowl options on the menu. You'll definitely need a reservation for that one.

    Dallmayr is fun to visit, but Munich isn't really a destination for oysters and champagne (or for vegetarian food, really...)

    Spaten will definitely have fine duck and fish options on their menus. Brook trout (bachsaibling) is a very typical local thing, and good matjes is hard to get in the US.

    Haxenbauer would be difficult for someone who doesn't want meat... the only thing worth eating there are the knuckles, which you can get decent version of at most places anyway.

    Please report if you go to Blauer Bock, that's been one I've been meaning to try for ages.

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      As it turns out, we are still in Munich. For a host of reasons, we could not continue our journey onward to Asia.

      I have been checking out the dining scene in Munich bit by bit.

      So here are some places that were not on the original list at all ...

      Davvero at the Charles - I was blown away by the quality of the food here. Frankly, this exceeded any expectations we had about any hotel restaurant anywhere in the world. Usually, restaurants at Four Seasons or Ritz Carltons in the US are not really good with food.

      We had the pizza and a number of pastas during the past few days and the food is superlative. I will go so far as to recommend it to locals.

      L'Osteria Kuntlerhaus - recommended by my hotel concierge, evidently a chain but pretty good pasta and pizza. Grumpy people and terrible service with a lot of attitude.

      Pho Ha Noi on Humboldtstrasse - coming from San Francisco, you can imagine how I was jonesing for Asian food after a few days away from my staples. Pretty decent pho - got the recommendation from a Vietnamese server at the Park Cafe on Karlsplatz.

      Park Cafe - read about American breakfast being served here and decided to give it a shot. Terrible food and greasy as hell. 37 Eur for three breakfast plates down the drain.

      Viktualienmrkt - this place reminds me of our Ferry Plaza to a certain extent. I have to say the selection of fruit at one of the stalls beats the pants off any market I have been to in the US.

      Yes, almost none of the fruit was local but here's what we bought and loved - Tangerines from Spain, Grapes from Namibia, Pears from France, the list goes on and I mean we were blown away with the quality of produce. The one fruit that was mediocre - strawberries.

      Oysters and smoked fish at a couple of the stalls in the market - cant recall the names at this point.

      Chicken Doner at Cinga (sp?) at the edge of the market - loved this unexpected ethnic treat.

      Brenner - brilliant seafood, great technique and top notch service. Good rec from zuriga1 in this thread.

      Augustiner on Neuhauser - bizzare - refused to let us take away after I had had a couple of beers. Ah well.

      Indian/Pakistani - went to two places ... Rasoi on Adolf-Kolping Strasse and Lahori on Schiller Strasse ..Rasoi is on the avoid-with-extreme-prejudice list and Lahori is a must go destination - recommend the Karahi, Lahori daal, Chicken Spinach as well as the Roti.

      What else - Munich locals ? What is on your 'must-go' list?


      1. re: osho

        If you are still in Munich and interested in offbeat destinations, you might scroll through these
        would also be interested in what Munich locals think.

        I read about your terrible american breakfast and was thinking how wonderful my late morning meal of Kaiserschmarrm and superb coffee was, at Spatenhaus an der Oper. definitely worth a try if you have an appetite. Its also a very enjoyable scene.

        Spatenhaus an der Oper
        Residenzstraße 12, Munich, BY 80333, DE

        1. re: jen kalb

          jen - Back in SF now.

          I was really wowed by some other places we went to. Will write up an update one of these days since there is a dearth of information in the English language about the 'hole in the wall' places ...

          1. re: osho

            osho - i can't wait to hear.... I'm a SF hound, going to Munich for the first time in April!

            So I am bringing this info! Is there a good place/neighborhood to stay for food options?

    2. We liked Brenner's Pasta Bar very much when we were in Munich. Their grilled fish was very nice and the desserts were sumptuous. The restaurant is high end and quite lovely.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        i like Brenners for the occasional meal, but would hardly steer people there if they are only in town for a couple of meals. What other places in town did you try?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Just got back from Munich and wanted to share a few takeaways as I always get such good recommendations on this site. FYI, I was traveling for work on my own.

          1. Der Pschorr: I thought it was great; in addition to the fantastic spatetzle (sp?) for lunch the side salad I had was super fresh and delicious.
          2. Dallmayr: Fantastic shopping for foodie gifts and eating.
          3. The market next to Viktualienmarkt is like the Whole Foods sister of DallMayr (of course I can't rememeber the name); It is right behind Der Pschorr and is a block-long. Very high-end grocery and bars to sample and order food.
          4. Enjoy a traditional weisswurst breakfast before noon one day in the biergarten at the Viktualienmarkt. Yes, beer and all. It was a fun experience.
          5. Guido al Duomo: a little Italian restaurant behind the Frauenkirke. Delicious rustic Italian with a WONDERFUL staff.
          6. Walked to restaurant Theresa down by the University. Trendy locals place, but they still had menus in English. Food was eccentric and delicious.


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          1. re: twinkies8

            Ha, just found my receipt for the market. It is called Schrannenhalle. It is in partnership with Kafer, the porcelain maker, I believe.

            1. re: twinkies8

              Käfer is not a porcelain maker (though they do sell some dishes with Käfer (ladybugs) on them). They are a high-end food store & restaurant. But yes, they are the main tenant of Schrannenhalle.