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To Hyang (Korean restaurant, Inner Richmond) seen on Anthony Bourdain's show The Layover SF

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Has anyone eaten at To Hyang, Korean restaurant, seen on Anthony Bourdain's show The Layover? He had fish head curry, soju, & pork belly.

He also went to: Swan Oyster Depot - sea urchin, crab roe?, oysters

Blue Bottle Coffee Mint Plaza

Alembic Bar - mention of jerk spicy duck heart & pickled quail eggs

Rice Paper Scissors - he had banh mi

Sam's Pizza & Burger - he had the double cheeseburger. open until 4am, Cash only

Yuet Lee - open until 3am, cash only

Chaac Mool - truck? he had some tacos made from homemade tortillas

Mention of El Huarche Loco - Alameny Farmers Market

Molinari - he had Molinari's special

Zeitgeist - beer
Tonga Room - ?
Li Po - Chinese mai tai
Benders bar
Comstock Saloon
Mr. Bing's

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