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Fun place to eat on a Friday night in the Quarter or CBD

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We are going to Restaurant August on Thursday. I am trying to think of a good place to eat on Friday night in the Quarter or CBD that first and foremost has great food but also has a relaxed but lively feeling to it. I was thinking about going to Herbsaint but after a day of drinking, I'm not sure if we are going to bother our neighbors or if we will enjoy the atmosphere there. I have only eaten there once and it was a few years ago. I remember it being kind of a quiet place.
Any good ideas?

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  1. Luke and Domenica are both relaxed places with good food. Both are also loud and you wouldn't be out of place.

    1. In terms of fun? I don't know. In terms of noisy, the last time we went to Herbsaint, it was pretty much jet-engine-loud. Food-wise, besides Herbsaint, starting closer to your hotel and branching out, we've liked Redfish Grill, Domenica, Mila, august, luke. There are also Mr B's, Dickie Brennan's, Galatoire's within a close walk, further away Irene's, Muriel's, RioMar, La Boca, Emeril's, Cochon, I could go on and on. The parade will be goin down Canal St, so you have to watch the time as far as being able to cross the street.

      1. if you need some buzz grub, head to Felipe's in the Qtr. it's always lively.

        Felipe's Taqueria
        6215 S Miro St, New Orleans, LA 70125

        1. I've been to Emeril's twice and the atmosphere has been "lively" (read: loud!) both times. Sylvain's has a back courtyard where you could make noise and not disturb anyone, but I was not as in love with the food as many others on this board seem to be. I don't think you'd be out of place at Herbsaint though. Perhaps you could even request one of the tables near the bar. Whatever you do, enjoy!

          1. Weather permitting, outside at the Green Goddess. For sure.

            1. Thanks for the responses everyone. I guess I forgot to mention that I used to live in New Orleans and I try to visit at least once a year. I have eaten at nearly every place in town (I feel like it at least) sans a couple. I have never eaten at Stella!, K-Pauls (I dont know why but it just doesnt excite me), Le Foret, Patois, Coquette, Clancy's, or Green Goddess. I have eaten at every Emerils restaurant in N.O, Muriels (which I wouldnt recommend any longer), Luke, August, Domenica, Cochon, Herbsaint (about 10 years ago), Bayona, Galatoire's, Dickie Brennans, Bistro at La Maison de Ville, Brennans, Lilette, Mila... on and on and on.
              My wife and I are going with another couple that has only been to New Orleans once and I want to show the best time possible. I always see it as my mission to find the best possible restaurant for the mood that I think I will be in. Thursday we will arrive and go to Luke for lunch. For dinner Thursday night we will pull off the daily double of John Besh restaurants and go to August.
              Friday for lunch, I am thinking possibly Domilise's, Mr. B's, Cochon Butcher, or Galatoire's (depending on the weather. I figure if it is raining and is supposed to rain all day, why not spend it inside for lunch at Galatoire's).
              For dinner Friday, I was thinking possibly Patois but with a parade going on uptown, I am just afraid that hailing a cab may be difficult. We may just stay in the Quarter or walk to the CBD. Having said that, Herbsaint might fit the bill. I really am just curious if someone can come up with something that I have just totally forgotten about that I shouldn't miss. Thanks so much.

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                Now, IMHO, Stella! is not all that "lively," but we have had many enjoyable meals there, and if you have never done it, I will make the rec. It's like dining in an older, Southern aunt's dining room, but with great cuisine, and a really good wine list for New Orleans. Not "lively," but well worth the evening, at least in my book.



              2. It has been mentioned, but I will recommend MiLa as a possibility. It is usually lively, but not (normally) overly loud.