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Jan 10, 2012 11:30 AM

Super Bowl/ Birthday Party

I'm looking to make a yummy cocktail for my Super bowl/ Birthday party. I recently purchased a 2.5 gal glass beverage dispenser thinking that I could serve the specialty cocktail for my party in it.

Do you have any suggestions that appeal to the masses? I personally don't care for gin or rum but anything else goes. I appreciate your input!

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  1. well my first suggestion was going to be mojitos - they actually work really well in that type of container, I've done them for huge house parties before - but you don't like rum . . . .

    Just about any cocktail can be made into a larger "pitcher" drink (okay, granted some more successfully than others). Even the ones that require something "bubbly' can be made ahead with a little instructional sign next to your container with something like 1/2 glass, top with soda (tonic/champagne/etc).

    What else are you doing for the party? That might help narrow things down.

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      I do like mojitos - I normally make them with vodka as a substitute for rum.

      The party is going to be pretty casual since I am having a larger party at a club earlier that weekend. But I always cook with as many local ingredients as possible. Right now citrus, dark leafy greens, crab, and root vegetables are in season and will probably make an appearance at the party.

    2. Since you have a big glass dispenser I'd go with some form of punch. And since you don't like rum or gin, I'd go with brandy. (Whiskey is a bit trickier to work with in a larger format, in my opinion.)

      Since you're in northern California, you can find a somewhat-locally made brandy, use local(-ish) oranges, and your punch will even be both geographically and seasonally appropriate. Win-win-win :-)

      Here's a simple recipe from David Wondrich:

      For something better and more in-depth, pick up a copy of the same writer's book on the topic, appropriately named: "Punch." There is an orange punch recipe in there from the 1700s (IIRC) that I've used as a base formula a couple of times now with fantastic results. Not to mention the fact that the book is extremely interesting from a historical point of view and contains lots of great pointers on the topic.

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        Love that idea! The party food will also be locally inspired so it only makes sense to have a locally inspired cocktail.